Dear One Direction

A letter expressing my admiration for this month's cover boys.
by Ingrid Borja   |  Nov 19, 2013
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Dear One Direction,

I wish I could tell you all of these things in person. Well, maybe not now, but someday. Yes, someday. For the meantime, here's a simple letter I made, a letter from one of your millions of fangirls.

It all then started with your first single "What Makes You Beautiful." Before I knew it, I just found myself searching for anything I could find about your band. One Direction, I thought to myself. And at that moment you completely stole my heart.

I can't decide what exactly it has been that has drawn me to you. Those enticing eyes, your smiles, the way you laugh, your hairstyles, the way you dress (oh, those little things!), those accents of yours (which I all love dearly)—they're all just  extras.  The main reason why we love you is because you capture our hearts with your songs. Every time you sing, we really feel that your songs are heartfelt and dedicated to us.


And it's not just your looks and music. I love your attitude about everything else! The way you value your friendship with each other is something I admire. After years of facing bashers and hate tweets, you go through all of it together. I've seen a lot of BTS videos and interviews, and each video never fails to make me smile and laugh! Fans admire you even more because you guys are so witty (hello, Louis, you are the wittiest of them all!).

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One more thing: sorry if we're being annoyingly sweet for tweeting/@mentioning you guys every chance we get (guilty as charged haha!). It's only because we just want you to notice us. I know you're definitely aware that we exist, but you know just a simple reply like hi or even a "favorite" would really mean a lot to us and it will definitely make our day. Scratch that, it would definitely make our year!


Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn, thank you for being an inspiration to many. You've changed lives! No matter how cliché that must sound, you guys really did. We do better because you guys inspire us. In return, always remember that we got your back. We're just here for you guys and we'll keep on supporting you all the way. Continue chasing your dreams, andyour fans will also do the same.

I'm really hoping to meet all of you soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that Manila will be part of your WWA 2014 tour!

Ingrid ?

I can't wait for 1D Day! 

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