Darren Espanto Reveals How He Mentally Prepares For Concerts And Shoots

Here's Part II of this month's EyeCandy!
by Ysabel Y. Yuzon   |  Feb 21, 2020
Image: Erwin Canlas
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"Sometimes the nerves still get to me... up 'til now, before I go on the stage I feel like puking sometimes. And... I don't know, I just start shaking.

"But when I'm on the stage, everything goes away and I just kind of, enjoy the moment."

In Part II of this month's EyeCandy, Darren Espanto gets candid about stepping out of his comfort zone through acting, how he mentally prepares for performances, the one question he gets asked about way too often, and the one that he wishes he got asked more:

Watch Part I here.

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