6 *Relatable* Coming-of-Age Podcasts That All Gen Zs Should Listen To

Learn about school, career, love, and everything else in between.
by Marit Samson   |  Jun 5, 2023
Art: Shannen Gardon
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It’s no surprise that Gen Zs like us always enjoy a good conversation. Whether you need to drown out the silence while doing chores or eavesdrop on the hosts’ substantial conversations, we always want to keep ourselves company. An easy way to do that is to play a podcast episode in the background as you go on with your day. Podcasts are also a good opportunity to learn and reflect about school, relationships, career, love, and everything else about life. Even if you just want good vibes and laughter, podcasts still have a lot to offer! 

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Ahead, we’ve curated seven podcasts that Gen Zs will surely find relatable:

1) Ganito Kasi ‘Yan

Hosted by two Ateneans studying AB Communication, Ganito Kasi ‘Yan tells stories about college life and adulting struggles that many of us can resonate with. Young hosts Jacob Macquiling and Lance Arevada also give their listeners a chance to share their own stories through the “Tugon Po'' segment in some of their episodes, where they read letters sent to them anonymously and give helpful advice about love or career. They also invite guests to join their interesting conversations, from their blockmates in Ateneo to famous celebrities and influencers like BGYO, Bianca Gonzalez, and Tricia Robredo. 


You can listen to Ganito Kasi ‘Yan on Spotify.

2) Paano Ba ‘To?

Navigating teenage and young adult life is surely not an easy feat. There is no manual or guidebook to follow that will guarantee us success. The possibility of getting lost—or losing one’s self—will always be there. Good thing we have Bianca Gonzalez’ podcast Paano Ba ‘To to give the ultimate ~ate advice~ that  makes growing up a little easier. Receiving words of wisdom about the big questions in life from someone who has been through more experiences can be comforting for young listeners.

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You can listen to Paano Ba ‘To? On Spotify.

3) The ESNYR Podclass

You have probably seen Esnyr on TikTok with his hilarious skits about high school life and shared experiences of teenagers. As he gained popularity on TikTok, Esnyr has made a crossover to Spotify with his podcast The ESNYR Podclass to talk about the same thing that made him famous—high school life! Serving as an in-depth extension of his content on TikTok, the specific scenarios that Esnyr mentions  in his podcast will make you realize that your high school problems are actually more common than you think!


You can listen to The ESNYR Podclass Spotify.

4) Talking Nansense

Your online besties Nana Silaryo and Tomas Falconite give unfiltered but meaningful conversations about relationships, career, and personal growth. It’s also entertaining to listen to them reminisce about their high school and college memories while some of us are still in the middle of making our own. Talking Nansense perfectly combines humor with serious conversations that will help Gen Z listeners in their future  experiences.


You can listen to Talking Nansense on Spotify.

5) More with Morenx

This show is for those who think themselves beginners in the dating scene but are daunted by the complexities of modern-day romance and relationships. Ghosting? Situationships? Talking stage? Making the first move? More with Morenx unpacks these topics with special guests who  give advice that makes dating less confusing and intimidating. This podcast also gives practical tips about sculpting that millionaire mindset to give young adults a boost as they enter their 20s.


You can listen to More with Morenx on Spotify.

6) Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM

Have you ever experienced being struck by the sudden urge to be vulnerable in the middle of the night, when the whole world has turned silent? You would have these deep and serious conversations with your friends as you discuss the most profound questions about life and unapologetically unravel all your feelings. Devoid of sugar coated thoughts, Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM presents a kind of authenticity and honesty that you won’t be able to find just anywhere. With real-talk episodes lasting for only 10 to 20 minutes, this show will really make you ponder about your personal struggles as you get to know yourself on a deeper level.


You can listen to Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM on Spotify.

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