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by Pam Carlota   |  Nov 23, 2016
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We're so happy that they're bringing back the classics to the cinemas. They are all restored and remastered and you could watch them at the Power Plant Mall from December 7-14! Get in touch with our national heritage by reliving the classics and see for yourself how rich the Philippines is with its history, literature, and films that are works of art. 

  1. Magic Temple

You can never go wrong with this family-fantasy-adventure film because it won 7 nominations, and its most memorable award is for the best film at the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival. The film centers around three teenage boys and their quest to defeat the evil forces of Ravenal and Sifu, and their journey to the magic Temple.

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  1. Bagong Buwan

Follow the life of Ahmad as he strives to live a peaceful life despite the conflicts happening in the Philippines.

  1. Cain at Abel

Shown in the year 1982, the film depicts the life of Cain and Abel from the Bible and how the story translated to the Philippines at that time. 


  1. Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos

An Award winning film from 1976, this film stars Nora Aunor, Christopher De Leon, and Bembol Roco.

Set during the Spanish colonization, the film centers around the theme of being a Filipino. The film took home awards for best film, director, actor, screenplay, music, and art direction, at the 1976 Metro Manila Film Festival. 

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  1. Dekada '70

In case your teachers haven't assigned you yet to watch the film, have an advance screening of this tale. A story based from a novel of Lualhati Bautista, follows the lives of a Filipino family during the '70s. 

  1. Insiang

Shown at the Cannes Film Festival in the year 1976, the film centers around a girl's life in the slums with controversial themes of rape and revenge.

  1. Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi

Shown in the year 1983, it stars Laurice Guillen, Gloria Diaz, Dindo Fernando, Eddie Garcia, Janice de Belen, and Tommy Alvarado


  1. Tanging Yaman

A story about a family getting back together. It's a story of reconnection of love and faith within a family. Watch the Making of Tanging Yaman below.

  1. Himala

Known for the movie's famous line, "Walang Himala." the movie stars Nora Aunot as Elsa, who saw the Blessed Virgin Mary which changed her life.  

  1. Haplos

Another movie written by Ricky Lee, it stars Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, and Rio Locsin. 

For movie schedules, check it out here!

What shows are you planning to watch? Tell us in the comments!

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