Watch 'Requited' If You're in the Mood for a Surprising Love Story

Make sure you're ready for this movie.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 10, 2017
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ICYMI, this year's Cinemalaya has already started. And if you still haven't decided on what movie to watch, allow us to help you. If you're in for a love story with a surprising twist, you better head to the cinemas to watch Nerissa Picadizo's Requited, which stars Jake Cuenca and Anna J. Luna

What it's about

Requited is about disease-stricken Matt and his bright "friend" Sandy's biking trip, an extremely important one for Matt, to Mt. Pinatubo. Along the way, we're given glimpses of what their relationship is like.

Why you'll love this

  1. You'll fall in love with the Philippines even more.

In the first few minutes of Requited, you'll see gorgeous shots of Metro Manila, Pampanga, and Zambales while the couple (or non-couple) bikes to their destination.

  1. You'll root for Sandy and Matt.


They're best friends, first of all, and that makes them even more relatable (LOL, hi, friend zone!). You'll love how Sandy's bright and bubbly character balances out Matt's angst and reserved nature. You'll end up wanting to know more about what happened in between their first meeting and this pilgrimage they're taking. You'll end up asking for more and more...until, well, they do end up together.

  1. You'll love Jake and Anna's portrayals of Matt and Sandy.

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For most of the movie, you'll only be seeing Anna and Jake on screen. You won't find yourself siding with just one character. You will love them and hate them because they were both portrayed as imperfect human beings, just like the rest of us. They spend most of their time in silences, in arguments, in (vague) conversations, which will leave you even more curious about their past. Even their silences speak a lot about their characters. 

But, whyyy?


Everything was fine. Or normal, at least. Until—WELL—that tragic (and shocking!) ending when Matt accidentally pushed Sandy down the cliff while she was begging him to not take his own life! TBH, we found ourselves yelling expletives in our heads when that happened because WHYYYYYYYYYYY.


Our questions weren't answered. At all. Why did Sandy choose Chris, her foreigner BF? Why can't they be together when he already confessed to her? Is Matt really dying? Did he really leave Sandy's body in Pinatubo? Should we be contented that she felt the same way about Matt all along? Won't Matt get in trouble for what he's done?

So. Many. Questions. Well, at least Matt decided to continue living (or pedaling). STIIIIIILL, we badly wanted them to be okay at the very least. 

Should you watch Requited?

You should... if you love getting surprises like that and if you can handle getting all invested in a movie or in characters. LOL! We still can't get over the whole thing, TBH. And it's already been two days! :O :O :O

To know Requited's schedule in cinemas and theaters, go to their Facebook page: 

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