Chloe Moretz Is A Fangirl Like The Rest Of Us

Don't you wish you just wish you could share a fandom with her?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 22, 2014
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It still amazes us how the biggest stars fangirl about their fellow celebrities. Take If I Stay actress Chloe Grace Moretz as example. Run through her Twitter feed and you'll discover how much she enjoys fangirling over actresses, TV shows, movies, bands... almost everything!

1. She enjoys watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she even notices the tiniest details!

2. Queen Bey? Yup, she likes her, too. Of course.

3. Maybe you even have the same problem as her? Aww!

4. Fangirling at its finest. Simple and straight to the point.

5. Wonderin' why she loves this performance at the Grammys? Go here.


6. And she loves balisong, too. Atta girl!

7. Glad she loves the same bands, too.

8. She's absolutely a fan of everything... and anything.

9. Old Hollywood? She has a Marilyn Monroe fandom for that.

10. And can she get any cuter than this tweet?!

Follow @ChloeGMoretz on Twitter to witness all of Chloe's fandoms, and make sure you're following us @candymagdotcom, too!

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