Did You Know? Chelseah Hilary Started a T-Shirt Line at 17

Plus, other things to know about the content creator and entrepreneur.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 22, 2021
Image: YOUTUBE/Chelseah Hilary
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In the YouTube community, you'll often find that many YouTube stars also feature their family members and even friends in many vlogs. Some of them also venture into vlogging by starting their own YouTube channels, like 21-year-old Chelseah Hilary Ongsee.

You might have met Chelseah, or Seah as her family members call her, in plenty the many viral vlogs of her siblings, YouTube stars Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero. Now, Chelseah has her own YouTube channel, with almost one million subscribers!

More than following the footsteps of her siblings, however, Chelseah has actually been carving her own path for herself, and she's using vlogging as a means of sharing her journey with the rest of the world. Get to know more about the 21-year-old budding content creator and entrepreneur:

Chelseah is really close with her siblings.

Chelseah has four siblings in her blended family. Aside from her kuya Ranz Kyle and her younger sister Niana, she has two other sisters: Nina Stephanie and Natalia. While the five siblings are generally close to each other as seen on their vlogs, Chelseah seems to share a special bond with sister Nina. Aside from being roommates, they hang out a lot by partying together (in pre-pandemic times, of course, and with parental consent!) and opening up to each other about their crushes. You'll also often hear them in the background of each other's YouTube videos.

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Chealseah has 10 pets.

In her first ever video, one of the things Chelseah shared about herself is that she is a huge animal lover. As a child, Chelseah has taken care of all sorts of animals, from rabbits and dogs to lovebirds and fish. Currently, she has a total of 10 pets, including two dogs, four guinea pigs, two sugargliders, and two lovebirds. Her dream pet? A monkey!

Chelseah used to have a habit of being late.

In one of her get-to-know-me vlogs, Chelseah shared that she used to be late ~a lot~, a habit she's trying to outgrow now. According to her, it got so bad that her friends would change the call time to their hangouts by a few hours earlier in anticipation of her tardiness, LOL. TBH, that's very relatable, but props to her for making an effort to change it!


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Chelseah started a t-shirt line at 17.

Chelseah, together with Mykee Jofet Rojas, started a t-shirt line called Revel Tees. She was only 17 years old when they launched the brand. According to the brand's official website, Revel Tees is "for everyone and anyone. There is no limit when it comes to fashion. As they customize shirts that appeal to every generation showing that it is important to have fun."

Since then, her brand has had several collabs with other local businesses and has been worn by several Gen Z celebs like AC Bonifacio.

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Chelseah's most viewed vlog is the one featuring her ex.

Since starting her YouTube channel in June 2020, Chelseah has put up several vlogs on her channel. But the most viewed video to date, however, seems to be the one where she spends a day with her ex-boyfriend! In the vlog, Chelseah catches up with her ex while driving to the mall together and watching a movie at home. Aside from raw vlogs like this, Chelseah also uploads prank vlogs, fun challenges with the rest of her fam, and mukbang videos.


Chelseah is a sneakerhead and a car enthusiast.

Two of Chelseah's biggest interests are sneakers and cars. Instead of building a collection of shoes, though, Chelseah's devoting her money to her business first. When it comes to cars, her dream ride is a Jeepney Rubicon to match her adventurous personality.

As a self-confessed sneakerhead and car person, Chelseah's ideal type also happens to be someone who can vibe with her through these two interests (and also someone who's mabait, family-oriented, and bonus: matangkad!).

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