TikTok Star Charlize Ruth Has the Most Relatable Content About *Classic* Pinoy Moments We All Know About

by Cheska Santiago   |  Nov 8, 2021
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I think I speak for all of us when I say that TikTok is a rabbit hole that is *hard* to get out of because there is content for almost everything. There's just something for everyone—from ASMR videos, to song duets and covers, to K-pop fancams, to various memes and more. For me, some of my favorite things to watch on the app are skits and POV videos. It always amazes me how we all seemingly go through through the same ~random~ life experiences!

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One TikTok star whose videos I've been binge-watching is Charlize Ruth. You might recognize her as the one who always has a taupe blazer on for her Pinoy teacher skits! The content creator is known for making vids about random but classic Pinoy life experiences that will have you feeling *seen*. In fact, she's so good at it that people on TikTok always comment on her videos, "lahat na ata na-experience mo." LOL!


Check out some of her funniest TikToks below:

Charlize Ruth's Funniest TikTok Videos

1. Raise your hand if you've ever been used as the "panakot" for some random kid.

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

2. Everyone who had rebonded hair will relate to this ~struggle~.

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

3. Small talk with your friends' parents is always kiiinda awkward.

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

4. Knowing your mom is on the way home when you haven't defrosted the meat like she asked you to is a different kind of fear.

@charlizeruth IB: @macoydubs ? original sound  - Macoy Averilla

5. This is a core high school memory, TBH!

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

6. Shoutout to your classmate who always felt the need to *double-check* your paper.

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

7. "Teacher ka ata sa past life mo" is one of the top comments under this video, and we can't help but agree. LOL!

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

8. If you got braces during the holiday break, you were always a bit shy to show them to your classmates. (But at the same time, you also wanted them to know so bad!)

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

9. Having to repeat yourself to the jeepney driver is always a little bit embarrassing. 

@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

10. Shy kids can definitely relate to this Pinoy party experience.


HAPPY 100K! ????

? original sound  - charuth

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