5 Celebs and Their Views When It Comes to Relationships

Everybody has a different take on relationships.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 8, 2021
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Everybody has a different take on relationships. From the way we find love to the way we keep the flames alive long after the "honeymoon" phase, our personal preferences often vary from othersand that’s something we should respect. Some find their one true love by swiping right on a dating app, while others prefer the traditional way of meeting people. And there’s nothing wrong with either.

The same goes for celebrities—they have their own sets of beliefs when it comes to ~falling in love~. Here are a few who opened up about what they want and believe in when it comes to relationships:

Ivana Alawi on dating someone who respects other people

With a pretty face and millions of subscribers that adore her, many would assume that Ivana would want a guy that’s just as physically attractive as she is. In reality, the YouTube star prefers to look at personality more than looks.


On her ideal man, Ivana wants someone who’s humble and knows how to respect other people. In an interview on Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel, Ivana once recounted a bad experience she had with a guy who kept on screaming at a waiter during their date. “Sobrang na-turn off ako,” she shares. Despite being under the spotlight most of the time, Ivana also shared that she’d prefer to keep her relationship private.

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Kristel Fulgar on the old-fashioned panliligaw

Four years ago in an interview, Kristel opened up about being NBSB because she was busy with school and work. She also shared how she's a believer of the old-fashioned way of panliligaw. "Yung mga pahiwatig through text, parang hindi siya ligaw sa'kin," she says. Kristel appreciates someone who puts in the effort to show her how much they really like her.


Daniel Padilla on dating at a young age

Many are hoping for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to be endgame—they've been together for almost 10 years! In a video on her channel, Kathryn asked Daniel a bunch of questions she's never asked before, one of which was: "Do you sometimes regret meeting me at a very young age?" 

Daniel's answer? "Walang naman hinahanap na oras ang pagmamahal, 'di ba? Pagka para sa'yo, para sa'yo, kahit maaga man o late." It's safe to say that Kath was touched about what he said!

Kathryn Bernardo on marriage

Even though she's been with Daniel for a decade now, Kathryn is in no rush to tie the knot. In fact, she considers marriage a "lifetime partnership," one where you support each other through thick and thin no matter what. And even though she's pretty successful now, Kathryn still has a lot of things she wants to accomplish before walking down the aisle, as revealed in the same vlog she did with Daniel.


Joshua Garcia on believing in destiny

When it comes to relationships, Joshua Garcia believes that the right person for you will come at the right time, and through destiny, you'll eventually meet each other when you're both ready. In a convo with Erich Gonzales on her YouTube channel, Joshua shares, "Parang ngayon, hindi pa. Sinasabi ni God sa'yo na mag-focus ka muna sa sarili mo, mas mahalin mo pa muna yung sarili mo, para pagdating ng tamang time na nasa relationship ka na, complete ka na." 


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