Catching Fire Casting News: Johanna Mason

The Suckerpunch star has signed on to play the sneaky tribute in the third Quarter Quell.
  |  Jul 24, 2012
photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures (Suckerpunch)
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Remember when we said Jena Malone was in early negotiations for the role of Johanna Mason? Well, it looks like it's confirmed! Your thoughts? Johanna is the sly tribute who joins the third Quarter Quell and appears in the second book, Catching Fire, as well as the final book in the trilogy. In her first Games, she pretends to be weak but ends up viciously killing the other tributes emerging as the victor.

Leave a comment if you think Jena fits the role or if you have another actress in mind. If you want to stay updated with all Catching Fire news, don't forget to bookmark the Candy Loves The Hunger Games page!

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