6 Times Cassy Legaspi Was a Hardcore K-Pop Fangirl Like Us

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Feb 15, 2023
Image: Instagram/cassy
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With several K-pop groups and artists sweeping the world by storm, celebrities are no exception to being fangirls just like the rest of us. Some even gush over and support their favorite artists as much as their own fans by buying merchandise, watching their concerts, and even doing song or dance covers. 

A good example of this is  Cassy Legaspi, who is a hardcore K-pop fan who isn’t afraid to show her love and dedication to her fave artists and groups. Ahead, we rounded up six times Cassy proved that she’ll do anything for her faves—just like us!

1. She watches tons of K-pop music videos and works out to them.

Now who says K-pop can’t be your source of motivation? For Cassy, she uses her being a K-pop stan in keeping fit. She spices up her exercises with TWICE and BLACKPINK music to get through her workout. Cassy’s father, Zoren, uploaded a video of his daughter’s exercise session to Instagram back in 2019. If you have a hard time concentrating during your workout sessions, bopping along to your fave tunes makes exercising more fun just like how Cassy has fun with her own workouts. Not only Cassy gets to complete her workouts but also has a lot of fun grooving to her favorite songs. 


2. She knows a lot of BLACKPINK songs by heart.

@regalentertainmentinc @cassy.legaspi plays the Guess the Song from her favorite KPop Group, BLACKPINK! #UseThisSound #FYP #ForYouPage #ForYou #StitchThis #Duet ? original sound  - Regal Entertainment Inc

Every K-Pop stan has their favorite songs and some even go as far as to memorize them despite being in a different language. In a TikTok video with Regal Entertainment, Cassy showed her fangirling skills as a BLACKPINK stan by playing a “guess the song” game. 

3. She made dance covers of BLACKPINK’s songs “Shut Down” and “Pink Venom.”

There’s no denying that K-pop songs are *super* catchy, so it’s no surprise if you start to pick up a few dance moves from the songs (or even the whole choreography!). Cassy is no exception to this as she also has her fair share of dance covers. Back in November 2022, Cassy released a dance cover of BLACKPINK’s songs “Shut Down” and “Pink Venom” which shows her show-stopping dance skills and the lengths she’d go to show her love for BLACKPINK. 

4. She met and fangirled over K-pop star Jessi during the singer's Zoom in Manila concert.

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Who wouldn’t be excited about meeting their idols? Cassy had a memorable fangirl moment when she met Jessi during the singer’s Zoom in Manila concert last September 2022. A huge fan of Jessi, Cassy would send sweet and supportive messages to the rapper on her Instagram live before she had the chance to meet her IRL. But Cassy’s dreams didn’t end at the meet-up as the rapper even left a sweet comment on Cassy’s IG post of their photo together. An experience like that is truly a memorable moment for any K-pop fan.

5. She posed outside of JYP Entertainment during a trip to South Korea.

Imagine seeing one of the biggest entertainment companies that handle your favorite artists. It’s a surreal experience for Cassy to see JYP Entertainment in person, especially knowing how it has handled the groups TWICE, Stray Kids, and ITZY. Donning chic streetwear, Cassy posed outside JYP Entertainment’s building during a family holiday trip to South Korea back in December 2022. Exuding an aura fit for a K-pop idol, Cassy tried to introduce herself as an idol group member in her IG post caption “Hana, dul, set, annyeonghaseyo Cassy imnida." We’d give anything to be in Cassy’s shoes!


6. She watched and fangirled over Jackson Wang during HITC Manila.

One of her favorite rappers, Cassy couldn’t help but go full-on fangirl mode during Jackson Wang’s set back in the Head in the Clouds music and arts festival last December 2022. Formerly a member K-pop group GOT7, Jackson left JYP Entertainment in pursuit of a solo career. Cassy made sure to take several fan-cam videos of the rapper’s performance at the festival. All together now: Sana all!

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