#CarrotForANight: Remember the Good Old 1D Days?

We're girls who are into carrots today. Hee hee hee.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 27, 2015
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It has been a difficult time for the boys of One Direction and their loyal fans, the Directioners. Yesterday was a day of being sad, as you may have seen on your social media feeds. But today, we're here to cheer you up a little. Not that we're feeling ~totally~ okay, but we all know we can't stay sad forevah. We have to continue with our lives and go on supporting these five lads we've known for ages.

Speaking of cheering you up, Candyrectioners, we checked our Twitter feed this morning and when we saw the hashtag #CarrotForANight (Directioners slaying all week on Twitter!), we knew we had to tell you about it and make you laugh a little. It's been making us giggle and smile like "carrots," so we just had to write something about it.

Remember when the boys were so, so young and new in the industry? This was the time when they just emerged from The X Factor—no, they did not win—and the fans were on a mission to put them out there and make them the biggest boyband of this generation. And remember this video of Louis looking so disappointed and lost after he said he likes a girl who eats carrots?

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These BBs! After this line, "carrots" became a running joke for fans everywhere. It's usually used to describe newbie fans or young fans. Some even use it to refer to annoying Directioners who feel like connecting anything and everything to the 1D boys. We really can't blame them. Don't worry, Directioners, we're totally game to be carrots for a night (and even a day or a week or a month or forever!). To make you smile (and laugh) even more, here are tweets from our fellow Directioners about the early days of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn that will surely bring out a smile or two from you.

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Remember these edits?

Malabami, where?

Looks like the carrot costume will be returning to the top of today's list of style trends...

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These cuties were terrible dancers, but when they danced... Definitely the cutest terrible dancers this world has ever known. Riiight?

How's the weather down there, Niall?

We think you all had an idea what their new song would be that time. LOL, Zayn.

Okay, try hard to keep your heart from bursting.

And now deal with this very important moment in 1D history.

And remember when Summit Media came up with the first One Direction fan magazine? Ahh, feels like it was yesterday.

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What's your earliest memory of One Direction, Candy Girls? Or what's your favorite carrot memory? Let's talk in the comments down below or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. You're not alone. :) 

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