Inka Magnaye Gets Real About Life on Social Media While Painting Her Pets

Sit back and chill with Inka.
by The Candy Staff   |  Feb 20, 2021
Image: Instagram/inkamagnaye
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Admit it, ever since you saw ~that~ video of Inka Magnaye introducing herself as the voice behind the famous Philippine Airlines spiel (just one of her many projects as a professional voiceover artist), you've been curious to learn more about her and her cool job. 

Aside from being a VO artist, Inka is also a content creator. She's shared countless videos showcasing more of her work on social media--from fun facts about her job to doing voiceovers of popular movies and even K-pop groups. Add to that the podcast she started in 2020, Sleeping Pill with Inka, which landed at the top spot for the most streamed podcasts on Spotify for that year. It's safe to say that Inka is ~booked~.

While having work during a pandemic is a blessing, especially if it's something you're really passionate about, we still can't ignore the real and valid effects of the stress and pressure that come with it. Even someone with years of industry experience like Inka deals with the occasional bout of insecurities.


In this episode of CANDE-STRESS, Inka gets real about navigating life on social media (especially because her current line of work largely depends on it!) and overcoming insecurities while working on a painting of her adorable pets.

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