Can Gigi Hadid Please Star in Her Own Reality Show?

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Apr 14, 2016

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So we were going about our daily routine of checking Gigi Hadid's Snaps when it occurred to us: wouldn't it be the best thing ever if Gigi had her own reality show? As much as we love keeping up with her on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter (yeah, we're a little obsessed!), we just can't get enough of her. It's not just because she's a supermodel who's #goals in every possible aspect—she also has an irreverent sense of humor, a wide variety of interests, and that elusive cool girl gene that inspires legions to follow her every move. We mean, just look at how she slayed Lip Sync Battle with a little help from the Backstreet Boys. Girl is a genius.

She's probably really busy with work and life, but in case our wish comes true and she launches her own reality show, here are five things we would love to see in it.

  1. Backstage pass to her shows and shoots


Can you just imagine the story behind this perfect shot? Okay, Gigi, do a handstand in your knickers on this fluffy, unstable surface. Your boyfriend can help you out, but you know you got this. Now smile for the camera! But keep looking at Zayn!

  1. Slumber parties with her squad

Assembling the whole squad would probably take forever (or another Fourth of July) to happen, but even if it was just a few of them, they’d probably get up to all sorts of craziness and we want to see EVERYTHING.

  1. Pillow talk

watch now

We've seen photos, Snapchat stories, and highly produced music videos, but we've never really seen Gigi and Zayn in their natural state. What do they talk about when they’re just hanging out? Where do they go on date night? Are they ever not perfect together?

  1. Sibling love

Gigi and her siblings may have been blessed with supermodel genes, but we're sure they have the stupidest fights and weirdest traditions like all other siblings.

  1. Kitchen skills


We'd be more than happy to watch Gigi hit the gym, do her groceries, and just go about her daily activities. What we're super excited to see, though, is her cooking skills. She's already won a MasterChef episode with her special beef patty with pickled jalapeños and spiced crispy onion nest, and we bet she can whip up a bunch of other special dishes. She tells Vogue, "I would love to host a talk show one day, or have a cooking show." We'll be waiting, Gigi!

Would you want to see Gigi on her own reality show? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom!

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