Surprise! This QC Barangay's Quarantine Pass QR Code Leads To “Hello” by Adele

Sadya or just a pure mistake?
by Bernadette Rivera   |  Aug 13, 2020
Image: Facebook/Vannezza Aranas
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On August 3, after a quick taste of *responsible freedom*, some parts of Metro Manila were put to a “stricter” Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) that lasts until August 15.

During MECQ, aside from the curfew, people are only allowed to go outside if they have quarantine passes provided by their respective barangays, and only one pass is given for every household. Quarantine passes vary depending on what barangay you are part of. But there’s a particular quarantine pass that caught our attention: It’s from Brgy. Batasan Hills in Quezon City. In a viral post on Facebook by Vannezza Aranas, she tried to scan the QR code of her quarantine pass and it led her to Adele’s song “Hello.”

So uhm... hi? ???? Scanned the QR Code on my Quarantine Pass... dito ko dinala: PS: di ako BV ha, tbh, this really made...

Posted by Vannezza Aranas on Thursday, August 6, 2020

In an interview with Vannezza on Messenger, she shared that she had no idea why she was directed to Adele when the QR code was supposed to direct you to a COVID-19-related site.


"Supposedly, dapat COVID-19 related. I’m not really sure kung ano specific purpose, I just know na it’s supposed to be a QR generated by IBIS (Integrated Barangay Information System). It’s the barangay system na LGUs are supposed to use para ata mas madali [ang] contact tracing. But apparently, our barangay didn’t really use it sa pass na we got. It’s just a text string saying 'Hello :)'."

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According to her, someone messaged her “claiming” that the passes that were distributed to them were all “fake” and asked her to take down her post because it’s not good for the city’s reputation.

“I actually got a message from a guy claiming na baka peke daw yung pass na na-distribute sa amin or specifically peke ‘yung QR code na ginagamit nung barangay, and then take down ko raw yung post kasi nakakasira for the city.”


But for Vannezza, she only posted it for the purpose of spreading good vibes during the pandemic and she meant no harm. She even made a Spotify playlist of the songs from other passes as a joke because she was curious if other QR codes also direct them to other songs,  and surprisingly, a lot of people are adding songs to the playlist but she’s not sure if all of them are from the quarantine passes. (It’s a nice playlist, TBH.)

When asked on her thoughts about this mishap, she said, “If it were a mistake and misprint, kulang sila sa quality control before printing. Bigger issue if they really never intended to use the required IBIS system since yung logo no’n andun din sa pass.”

Sana man lang nag-effort unti if ever. Keri naman if simple webpage lang from the barangay site na andun lahat ng necessary COVID-19-related info. Pero this isn’t surprising, though. Wala rin kasing much techy na younger individual usually sa barangay level kaya siguro ganyan naging result,” she added.



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