Planning Your Next Sleepover? Here Are 6 Feel-Good Movies From the Early 2000s to Binge-Watch

by Jonnie Anne Ngo   |  Nov 16, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Netflix, Instagram/annehathaway
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Films from the early 2000s give us so much comfort that we love to rewatch them all over again! Its impact on pop culture remains today—from fashion trends like low-rise jeans and rhinestone-studded tops to makeup essentials like lip gloss and sparkly eyeshadow. These movies also have ~*iconic*~ lines or scenes that remain relevant today and are still being quoted!

If you're looking for movies to binge-watch on your next sleepover, we got your back! If you love chick flicks like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going On 30, here are more movies to add to your watch list:

1. The Princess Diaries

A socially-awkward teenager from San Francisco discovers she’s an heir and the ~royal princess~ of Genovia after her father’s death. She had no choice but to take princess lessons and give up her dream of living as an ordinary teenager.

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews

Stream it on: Google Play, AppleTV, and Amazon Prime Video

2. Step Up 

Hip-hop meets ballet! A notorious boy known for being a troublemaker does community service for vandalizing school property, and he encounters a gifted ballerina who will change his perspective in life. Together, they help each other with the steps and team up for a dance competition.

Starring: Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan

Stream it on: Youtube Movies, Google Play, AppleTV, and Amazon Prime Video

3. She’s The Man 

Following the decline of a high school girl's request to join the boy’s soccer team when her team didn’t make the cut, she entered an all-boys rival school and pretended to be her brother to join their soccer team. Things start to go wrong when she gets attracted to her brother's roommate.


Starring: Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum

Stream it on: Google Play, AppleTV, and Amazon Prime Video

4. Sydney White 

After entering the university, Sydney White joined her late mother’s sorority, but it was unlike anything she was expecting—her so-called sisters were a bunch of bullies. She moved to a house full of seven outcasts, where they contend with other student councils to fight for their rights. It’s a modern-day Snow White! 

Starring: Amanda Bynes, Matt Long, Sara Paxton

Stream it on: Google Play, AppleTV, and Amazon Prime Vidoe

5. Wild Child 

Sent to a boarding school in England by her dad, a 16-year-old rebel couldn’t live the life she used to have. Hellbent on being the school's resident bad girl, it eventually took a toll on her when the headmaster and the entire student body didn’t tolerate her unacceptable behavior. Throughout the process, she met a guy who taught her how to love.

Starring: Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer

Stream it on: Netflix, Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video

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