Everything You Need To Know About Bianca Gan

by Karla Gabrielle Trillanes   |  Apr 24, 2021
Image: Instagram/biancagan
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In case you haven't noticed by now, we love sharing the lowdown on our favorite content creators and celebs so their followers, both old and new, can find out more about them. For today, we're sharing some fast facts on Y2K queen Bianca Gan.

Want to know more about Bianca Gan? Here are some fast facts about her:

We're telling you about Bianca's zodiac sign, some behind-the-scenes stuff you might not be aware of, as well as her favorite ukay-ukay spot.

Bianca Gan is a Virgo

Bianca is currently 21 years old and was born on August 29, 1999, which makes her a Virgo. People with this sign are known for their exceptional organizational skills and are highly dependable.

For her birthday last year, Bianca celebrated in two ways: a Zoom party with her closest friends and "forcing a glow upon herself." She gave herself an ultimate pamper day that includes shaving her legs, giving herself a trim, and even coloring her hair purple with semi-permanent dye.


Currently, Bianca Gan is a student at De La Salle University

Bianca is currently taking up a business degree in Entrepreneurship at the De La Salle University. In true content creator fashion, Bianca has shared her typical college struggles back when there were face-to-face classes as well as the problems she currently faces for her online struggles during the pandemic. You can her Day in the Life: Online Classes edition here:

Bianca Gan is a pescatarian

If you aren't familiar with it, pescetarianism is the practice of having seafood as the only source of meat in one's diet that is otherwise vegetarian. On multiple occasions, Bianca has shared that she prefers this way of life and has been a pescatarian for years now. She tries to consume plant-based meals as much as she can but in the instance that she eats meat, she opts for seafood, like fish and fresh shellfish. In a recent vlog, Bianca shared the food she usually eats as a college student. She even confessed that sometimes, she cooks and eats her meals during her classes. LOL, super relatable!

Watch her vlog here:

Bianca Gan is the middle child

ICYDK, Bianca's youngest sister Ciara is also a vlogger and if you follow them on any of their social media accounts, you'd see that they make a lot of content together-especially now that they are stuck at home because of COVID-19. What you may not be aware of is that they have an ate named Alyanna who they have mentioned is very camera-shy and lets them take the social media spotlight. In case you didn't notice, their names start with the letters A, B, and C, and are arranged according to their order of birth. (Yes, much like the Bridgertons.)

watch now

Bianca's channel is a gold mine for ate content

Aside from fashion, Bianca's content also leans towards lifestyle-specifically when it comes to topics that teen girls should be talking about. She's done videos on typically taboo topics like virginity, drinking, and even menstruation! Though she isn't exactly the ate in her house, she makes it her goal to be the ate figure to her followers. One of our fave videos of her is when she answered questions that her followers are highly likely too scared to ask their parents. Watch it here:

Bianca Gan has a podcast called The Hive

Bianca's ate vibes don't stop in her Youtube channel-her podcast called The Hive also exudes big sister energy. There, she talks about topics that almost every teen Pinay might be going through or have gone through. This podcast is surely in line with her goals to have conversations that are worth having and to make her followers feel like they're not alone. And can we just say: Bianca's voice is soooo soothing-it's like she was made to record podcasts!


Bianca Gan loves thrifting!

Bianca is one of the many ukay-ukay enthusiasts that we follow on social media. But what we love about her is that she chooses to share where she gets her best finds-one of her favorite places, in particular, is Ukay-Ukay Hub in Tagaytay. You can watch her first thrifting trip since quarantine here:

Bianca Gan is the ultimate Y2K fashion inspo!

It's no secret that Y2K has been very trendy this last year. Everybody has been in love with the early 2000s edgy aesthetic and Bianca is definitely the go-to girl if you're looking for some outfit pegs. One swipe through her feed and you'll see dozens of outfits that scream Y2K. For sure, her outfits will encourage you to try the rather daunting trend out! Next thing you know, you're buying baby tees and thigh-high boots!


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