The Best TV Dads From Your Favorite Series + K-Dramas

And nope, being a dad isn't about being biologically related.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 20, 2020
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Because it's Father's Day tomorrow, it's only right that we take a look at and appreciate all the notable dads whose fictional stories we've witnessed on TV (or Netflix). And nope, being a father isn't limited to being biologically related, as proven by some of the characters on this list. Aside from our own faves, we asked #GenerationCandy for their favorite TV dads, too! Check out our list below, and feel free to share your own favorite father story here.

Hopper from Stranger Things

Voted by: @jakeelyn_garcia

Hopper is proof that you don’t have to be blood-related to become a father figure for someone. Taking in Eleven and treating her like she was his own daughter throughout the show gives him a spot on this list.

Fred Andrews from Riverdale

In a neighborhood where the bar for parenthood is quite low, Fred Andrews definitely stands out as one of the best TV dads But even outside of Riverdale, Fred Andrews was on another level of parenthood. Perfectly portrayed by the late Luke Perry, Fred was nothing but supportive to everyone around him. He was all about doing the right thing and he was always there to give Archie some much-needed advice.

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Park Saeroyi’s dad from Itaewon Class

Voted by: @macasprec

Park Sung Yeol, aka Park Saeroyi’s dad, might not have had a lot of screen time throughout the drama, but his impact was felt all throughout. One touching moment early on in the show was when, instead of telling Saeroyi off for punching his classmate Geun Won (who did it after learning that Geun Won was bullying someone) aka the son of Sung Yeol’s boss, he instead chose to resign from his job.

Byun Han Su from My Father Is Strange

Voted by: @dhei.dreamer

Lee Yoon Seok—who has taken on the identity of his friend Byun Han Su after an accident and after getting jailed for something he didn’t commit—found out that Han Su’s long lost son, Ahn Joong Hee, had found him and tried to reconnect with him. Despite not being Joong Hee’s *real* father, he still tried his best to make him feel a father’s love and welcomed him to his household with open arms.


Jack from This Is Us

Voted by: @alyssapaolaa

Fans of the series This Is Us will agree when we say that Jack would do *anything* for his family, no matter how big or small. His entire life was his children and his wife, and he wasn’t afraid or ashamed to show it.

Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls

Luke, the resident diner owner of Stars Hollow, has been a father figure long before he found out that he was ~actually~ a father. He cared for Rory Gilmore like she was his own and, despite bickering a lot, he has nothing but love for his nephew Jess. When he found out that he actually has a daughter, he tried his best to reconnect with her and catch up on all the father-daughter time he missed.


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