8 Korean Dating Reality Shows That Will Soothe Your Tired Brain Cells

Expect tons of chemistry.
by Marit Samson   |  Jun 29, 2023
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Single's Inferno/Netflix, EXchange/TVING
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Why do we love reality TV shows so much? The answer might be different for each of us but we can all agree that it’s easier to identify with people who are not portraying fictional characters. It feels more authentic to root for them because they are real people living real lives. For some of us, there is this one specific kind of reality TV that we keep coming back to when we just need to relax and have a good time: dating shows! Aside from the drama, suspense, heartbreak, and of course, the kilig, Korean dating shows also offer a refreshing take with unique show formats and a chemistry-filled cast.

Below, we have selected eight Korean dating reality shows that are worth binge-watching!

1. Single's Inferno

Where to watch: Netflix

First on the list is the show that went viral the most online. Singles Inferno puts a group of single men and women in a secluded island to compete for a perfect date with the person they like in a luxurious hotel called Paradise. In the end, each participant could either go home alone or with a partner who also chose them.

2. Pink Lie

Where to watch: Disney Plus

In this show, young men and women move into the Pink House to live together for a few days. Everyone carries one lie about their identity and personal background—usually, it is something that they might be ashamed of once unraveled. As they go through various physical and emotional challenges given to them, their secrets will inevitably come to the surface to test the sincerity of their feelings and the bonds they have built.

3. Heart Signal

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

Similar to the previous shows, Heart Signal also uses forced proximity to unleash the irresistible chemistry among the cast. The show follows a group of eight single men and women as they live together in a house for one month. Every day, they go on dates and do activities together. The twist? No one is allowed to confess in person. They use a social media platform called "Heart Signal," which allows them to anonymously send messages to the participant they are romantically interested in. 


4. Love Catcher

Where to watch: Apple TV

Can’t decide between a dating show and a survival show? Look no further and start watching Love Catcher! The show begins with 10 people living together in a luxurious villa for eight days. Half of them are “love catchers” looking for true love, while the remaining are “money catchers” who are just in it for the money. The ultimate goal is for a money catcher to pair up with another love catcher, and for a love catcher to avoid falling for a money catcher.

5. We Got Married

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

This show pairs up famous Korean celebrities together, making it an absolute fan favorite! Living up to the show’s name, the couples must act like a married couple while trying to surpass several challenges throughout the show. The act they put up gets as close to reality as possible, from moving in together to meeting each other's families. 

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6. EXchange: Transit Love

Where to watch: Viu

This one is definitely more intriguing than the previous dating shows because EXchange reunites ex-lovers. They could either rekindle old sparks or take the opportunity to meet new people and build fresh relationships. The tension and drama among the cast only intensify as they confront emotional baggage and struggles. In the end, the choice to move on or give the past another chance is completely theirs.

7. Change Days

Where to watch: Netflix

Change Days gives happy-looking couples who are actually on the brink of breaking up a free vacation  to  unwind and contemplate their relationship. By the end of the show, they need to decide  whether they should go their separate ways or mend their current relationship.

8. I Am Solo

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

The show centers on six men and six women who are looking for something a little more serious than most dating show participants—marriage! As they continue to struggle to find love, the singles are invited to an ultra-realistic Solo World with hopes of finally finding their soulmate.


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