Belle Mariano Gets Real About Her Chemistry With Donny Pangilinan: "We're just ourselves"

by Jonnie Anne Ngo   |  Nov 17, 2022
Image: (Left to Right) Instagram/belle_mariano, Instagram/donny
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Love teams are predominant in the entertainment industry. The ~kilig~ factor determines the impact on the audience, and it’s something that could bring out success to the careers of celebrities. It has become part of the country’s pop culture, so the pairings could either be a hit or miss. On the bright side, it’s a hit for Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan

DonBelle was a pairing that we didn’t see coming, but they exceeded our expectations with their chemistry, and fans are *delighted* to see their faves once again on the big screen soon for their film, An Inconvenient Love

During their interview in LA, the two were asked to explain how they did so well on their chemistry together since it’s their second time being reunited for a film. At first, they didn’t know how to put it into words, so they asked themselves what makes their chemistry great.

Belle joked that it’s science, but she responded, “Honestly, we don’t really think about it, like we’re just ourselves. What we show is just who we are, it’s like what you see on cam and what you see off cam, it’s genuine.”

Donny answered, “I guess that’s why the chemistry works is maybe we get each other. We get how each other moves like with the scenes we know how to support each other. We know how to help each other.”

We’re so *glad* that the on-screen couple is comfortable with one another after working together for years! Donny admitted that sometimes a certain part of the scene can be difficult to comprehend, but working with Belle made it easier for him after working with her for three years.


He shared, “And I think that’s the good thing about working with someone for like a couple of years. Three years already. You get to see and you get to be familiar with how each other works.”

Back then, they had to get to know each other to work on their scene like during their filming for He’s Into Her. Donny recalled, “Ang dami pa nangyayari parang ‘di pa natin yung gets isa’t isa, pero ngayon parang bago mag-scene alam na namin ‘okay game ito na isulat mo na.’”

Belle agreed with Donny’s statements. She shared, “We noticed that too, you know there are scenes that are kind of difficult, so the both of us kind of parang we have to separate from one another.”

According to Donny, after getting a grasp of what they're supposed to do, they just look at each other before composing themselves back to their character: “Yes, so we literally look at each other, and we’re like ‘game? Okay?’”

Aww, it’s so amazing to see how far they’ve come! You can watch their interview here: 

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