5 Fast Facts That You Might Not Know About Bella Racelis

by Leika Golez   |  Sep 16, 2022
Image: Instagram/thatsbellayt
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Now that more Gen Z personalities are taking an interest in streaming, YouTube has been brimming with various rave-worthy content creators. You're basically guaranteed to find an influencer to vibe with on the video platform, especially if you're a fan of a popular niche like lifestyle content. One up-and-coming lifestyle influencer on our radar is Bella Racelis, also fondly known as ThatsBella by her long-time fans. With over one million YouTube subscribers and 600,000 Instagram followers, this Gen Z influencer is best known for her travel vlogs, campus videos, and fashion and beauty hauls.

Curious to learn more about this internet star? Here are five fast facts to help you get acquainted with Bella: 

1. Bella has been vlogging for nearly 10 years now. 

In case you haven't been on YouTube for long, Bella's actually one of the OG Filipina lifestyle vloggers on the platform. Despite being only 20 years old, she's already been in the YouTube space for about seven years now! Although she started out doing trendy challenge videos and shopping hauls, she gradually rose to popularity because of her relatable back-to-school angles. Since there were very few student vloggers on the space back then (of course, we'll never forget about fellow OGs like Janina Vela and Rei Germar), she was able to build a young female fanbase with her regular uploads. Some of her most popular videos include an old room tour from 2017, a teen-friendly skincare routine, and a collab challenge with the Gold Squad—all three with over one million views each. Her content has definitely evolved throughout the past seven years, but her down-to-earth personality and bubbly aura continue to keep her relatable to her audience.


2. Bella has two siblings. 

Here's a win for the middle children out there: Bella's actually a middle child herself! She has an older sister named Alliah and a younger brother named Angelo, both of whom have already appeared on her channel several times. Endearingly referred to as Talliah by Bella (it's a shortcut of Ate Alliah), Alliah's a camera-shy 22-year-old who runs an Instagram clothing store called Otorva Designs. Being the supportive sister that she is, Bella sometimes wears pieces from Alliah's fashion line and never pressures her to appear in her vlogs. Meanwhile, Bella's only brother Angelo actually used to be a vlogger as well! His YouTube channel AngeloFTW hasn't been updated in five years, but we're just happy that we still get to see him and Alliah on Bella's videos from time to time.

3. Bella's currently a college student.

During the early years of Bella's YouTube channel, she was a high school student at De La Salle Lipa Integrated School. Despite being a full-time student vlogger, she still managed to graduate high school with honors! Now, she's a Business Management major at De La Salle University. If you're curious about what she's like as a college student, she likes sharing glimpses of her school life in her College Diaries series! Contrary to popular belief, she doesn't actually get ~special treatment~ in school just because she's an internet celebrity. "I don't think there's a reason why I should be treated differently sa school just because I'm a content creator. At the end of the day, I'm just a regular student just like anybody else," she shared in a previous vlog, adding that she typically finishes her requirements ahead of time to avoid missing deadlines for both work and school.

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4. Bella's dipping her toes into adulting matters.

Like other young content creators, Bella's starting to invest in ~adulting~ stuff now that she's in her early 20s. For instance, she bought her very first car last year to help her travel from her hometown in Batangas to Metro Manila. And it's not just any random car—it's an ultra-spacious metallic gray Super Grandia Elite that can seat 10 people comfortably. Earlier this year, she also moved out to a dorm that's nearer to DLSU's campus.

5. Bella has a lot of showbiz friends. 

You've probably already heard the rumor that Joshua Garcia and Bella are seeing each other. But even beyond Joshua, Bella's associated with other local celebs as well! She has done collab videos with big names like AC Bonifacio, Janella Salvador, Vice Ganda, and even James Reid and Nadine Lustre. She also recently became an endorser for a cellphone brand alongside Julia Barretto and Kylie Verzosa.


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