Behind the Scenes of Fallen

From the script rewrites to the big fight scene between Daniel and Cam!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Nov 14, 2016
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There were many versions of the script. Fallen author and film executive producer Lauren Kate says, "I didn't write the script, but I read a few screenwriters' take on it, and I was quite unhappy. It didn't feel like they were bringing to it what readers connected with, so the producers and I talked about issues with the script and how to get it right. The screenwriters they brought on (Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price) were able to do that, and we've all been happy with it ever since."

She adds, "I have a lot of writer friends who have gone through this process (of adaptation) and it can vary widely how much you're let in to the moviemaking process. I'm grateful that I've been able to participate the way that I have."

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Addison Timlin (Luce), Jeremy Irvine (Daniel), and Harrison Gilbertson (Cam) connected to their characters really well. Addison, who plays Lucinda "Luce" Price, the new kid in school with a lot of baggage, was "touched by Lucinda's unwavering belief in love," she tells Jeremy, who plays her soul mate, was drawn to the rich history of Daniel's character. "Normally you have to come up with a backstory for your character, but here you have someone who's been alive for thousands of years. He has thousands and thousands of backstories, and you can come up with anything and create hopefully something really in-depth. He’s also a tortured soul, and that’s always fun to play," he tells RCN TV.

As for Harrison, who completes the love triangle, he says, "Cam was interesting to me as an actor because he wasn't one-dimensional. In the first book and film, he does come across as a bad guy. But of course, if you read the other books, you'll see that he's actually got a very big heart and has a lot of room in it for Luce. That was a really interesting aspect that I gravitated towards. I liked playing someone who was charismatic, lovable, and strong, with motives, especially in the first piece of the saga that were not... very pure." He adds, "I think the best people are the honest ones, whether they're more good or bad in their nature. That's the nice thing about Cam: he's very honest in the way that he presents himself. He knows what he wants, and he asks for it or just goes and gets it."


That's real chemistry among Addison, Jeremy, and Harrison. Addison tells, "We got along so beautifully. We knew that this was a big undertaking, and we felt like we were starting at the same place. It was nice to have each other to look to during the filming. We truly care for each other, and I think we are all very grounded in our friendship."


Author Lauren Kate, who spent time on set, attests to this. "The last night I was there, I went out with the cast to a club. I had seen their chemistry onscreen, but seeing the way they really enjoyed each other's company on and off the set, I had a new understanding of why they had such good chemistry."


Jeremy and Harrison may play rivals onscreen, but they're bros IRL. Their big fight scene was something they really prepared for, and Harrison says it was his favorite scene to film. "That was just us in a studio, trying to fight each other while hanging from wires. There was a lot of laughter, definitely. But we worked hard on that scene: whenever we had a break, we would rehearse with the stunt guys. The fight was quite complicated. Scott Hicks, the director, wanted it to be a certain way, like when eagles fight. We clashed and grappled, and that required a lot of muscle strength to get our legs up! Scott didn’t want it to look like a beautiful fight, or like a kick, punch, pow! He wanted it to be very raw."

Fallen is now showing in cinemas.

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