Barry Allen Is All of Us When We're Crushing Hard

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Oct 6, 2016
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The Flash is back for season three (Wednesdays, 3 pm and 8 pm on ETC) with a whole new timeline thanks to Barry Allen preventing his mom's death last season. Things are a little confusing—Barry's diagrams help a lot!—but wherever, whenever Barry is, you can count on one thing: he will always be in love with Iris West. In this new timeline, Barry has his mom and dad and his speed, but the super squad is split up and Iris doesn't know him at all. The season opens with Barry working up the nerve to talk to Iris—maybe even ask her out! It’s so cute and relatable, like hearing our internal monologue when we’re trying to talk to and spend time with bae.

Stage 1: "Today's the day, today's the day I talk to her."

After three months of hanging out at Iris's favorite coffee shop, Barry is finally ready to make a move. "Say something clever," he tells himself, but life interrupts and he’s forced to leave without completing his mission.

Stage 2: "Excuse me, I think you dropped something."

With some speedster sleight of hand, Barry finally finds his opening. Good thing he catches Iris in a good mood and she even recognizes him from somewhere.

Stage 3: "We actually went to elementary school together."

Bringing up shared history is always a safe bet. "Mr. Hinckley from Math would always beat the chalkboard with his fist—"And all the dust would come flying off!" Pleasant, nostalgic, just the right amount of intimate. So far, so good!


Stage 4: "Would you want to get a coffee?"

After a few more minutes of small talk, Barry finally asks the question he's been practicing for months. "Would you want to get a coffee? I mean, I know you're having a coffee right now. I mean, like at a different time with me. It doesn't have to be coffee, it could be any kind of beverage like wine or beer—not that I want to get you drunk. We could get iced tea. Do you like iced tea? Would you want to get an iced tea with me?"

Okay, so it's not the smoothest way to ask someone out, but like us, Iris finds his blabbering absolutely endearing. It's a yes!

Stage 5: "My parents are stupid in love. I hope I have what they have someday."

Isn't it the best when you're on a first date and small talk turns into something more serious? Barry's got an advantage here: history from an alternate timeline that he knows well and that Iris feels up to a certain degree. Still, we could learn a thing or two from his earnest, low-key flirting.

Taking notes? Dying of kilig? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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