Did You Know? Bamlife Edits Her Vlogs Using Her Phone

Here are six facts about Pinay vlogger Bamlife AKA Carylle.
by Karla Gabrielle Trillanes   |  May 22, 2021
Image: YOUTUBE/Bamlife
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What’s up, mga beshies for life?

Does that line sound familiar? Well, you’ve surely heard it before if you’ve watched YouTuber Bamlife’s videos. In this guide, let’s get to know the Pinay vlogger a little bit more. From her family life, to how she edits her vlogs, and even her future feature enhancement plans—here are some fast facts that you might not know about Bamlife:

1. 19-year old Pinay vlogger Bamlife’s real name is Carylle

ICYDK, her real name is Carylle Francheska Navora and she goes by her cute nickname “Bam” on her vlogs and on her other social media handles. She was born in March 15, 2002 and just turned 19 this year. Bam had a simple pool party with family and friends this year and if you’re curious to see what went down, watch this vlog:

2. Bamlife has a shared channel with her cool mom

Bamby is very close to her family and it’s even more evident in her videos—so much so that she’s put up a second channel that she shares with her mom (isn't that so sweet?). Here, you can see more snippets of their everyday family life. Another mainstay in their videos is Bam’s little brother named Carl, who also sometimes appears in her main channel vlogs.

Featured Video

One iconic video on their channel is when Mommy Corz surprised Bam with her first car. In 2019, Mommy Corz pretended that they were commuting to the mall but instead, brought Bam to a Hyundai dealership so they could buy her own set of wheels. (Like a modern-day princess, lol). This happened a few months before Bam turned 18 and served as an early birthday gift for her. Check out the funny and heartwarming vlog of the whole surprise here:

3. Bam edits her vlogs using her phone

Before you spend on expensive editing equipment, check this out: In a recent vlog, Bam shared her quick editing process for subscribers who might want to start YouTube channels of their own. Unlike most vloggers, Bam’s editing process is actually very simple and is done through her phone. She uses a paid app called VLLO which has the basic editing tools you need—like cutting and trimming footage, as well as sound effects that will spice up your videos.


Catch this vlog if you want to see her whole editing process:

4. Bamlife got her nose done in the past and was very open about it

In a past vlog, Bamlife shared that she got a non-surgical nose enhancement called HIKO nose threads. The procedure lifts your nasal tip through fully dissolvable threads and gives the illusion of a slimmer, more matangos nose. You can watch her vlog about the whole thing here if you’re curious:

She’s also very open about her future plans of getting a rhinoplasty—aka the more permanent nose job that lasts practically your whole lifetime. In a Q&A video, she said that at first, she was worried about what other people would say if she pushes through with plastic surgery. But now, she’s not worried about the opinions of others and thinks that it’s completely fine to enhance the features that you were blessed with—especially if it makes you feel better about yourself at the end of the day.


5. She endearingly calls her fans Bambies and maintains close ties with them

Like most content creators, Bam has a nickname for her fans—she calls them her Bambies. Cute, right? With over 1 million people subscribed to her on YouTube and 475 K following her on Instagram, it’s surprising how close she is with her loyal supporters. To the point that she even sets chats with them through Zoom and Discord! Imagine spending personal time with your favorite creator—must be so cool!


6. Follow Bamlife on Instagram if you want inspo on elevating your basics

Bam’s signature style is very simple and versatile. If you take a look at her feed, you’ll see that she veers towards basics and finds her own way to elevate them. If you’re looking for inspo on how to elevate the basic pieces in your wardrobe, give her IG a follow! She posts a lot of her fits on the platform and you’ll surely pick up some style tips from her feed.


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