5 Asian Artists To Add To Your Chill Study Playlist RN

We're here for their magical vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and laid-back tunes.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 10, 2019
Image: INSTAGRAM/o0omiso0o, INSTAGRAM/alex.tbh
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All-nighters and class projects call for the company of a chill playlist you can put on loop while still being able to focus on reading through thirty pages' worth of exam content. While we all have our go-to artists that serve chill and low-key vibes, there is still a whole world out there—literally—of musical talent making waves with their magical vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and laid-back tunes. Starting with musicians a little closer to home, we rounded up five Asian artists you might want to check out. (P.S. Scroll to the very bottom for the playlist!)

NIKI, Indonesia

NIKI, or Nicole Zefanya, is an R&B artist hailing from Indonesia. She’s currently part of the label 88rising, whose roster of artists also include Joji and Rich Brian. Add her songs "lowkey" and "Chilly" to your playlist.

MISO, South Korea

South Korean singer and producer MISO is pretty low-key online, but definitely one to watch for. Listen to "Take Me" on Spotify, or check her Soundcloud out for more laid-back beats.

RIRI, Japan

Riri (stylized as "RIRI") is a 20-year-old singer from Japan with music that's a little bit on the upbeat side, but she's also got some tracks that'll fit right in your chill playlist. Check out "Luv Luv" and "It Feels."

Alextbh, Malaysia


This 22-year-old artist from Malaysia has opened for fellow musician Khalid, but he’s got musical chops of his own to show off. Try listening to "Stoop So Low" or "walls" for a start.

Fern., Philippines

Fern Tan, also known by his stage name Fern., produces his own music and performs them regularly in the local music scene, all while being a full-time college student. If you're into chill songs, check out "Murakami" and "Into You."

Give these artists a listen through this playlist:

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