7 Things to Know About YouTuber Ashley Garcia

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 14, 2021
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YouTube has given us some of our go-to content creators throughout the years, one of which is 22-year-old fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Ashley Garcia. With her pastel-tinged Instagram feed and her almost four hundred thousand-strong YouTube following, Ashley is one of the up-and-coming content creators to watch for if you're in need of fresh and relatable content to binge at home. Consider yourself a fan of the fashion influencer?

Here are a few things to know about Ashley Garcia: 

Ashley is a Capricorn.

Ashley was born on January 8, 1999, which makes her a Capricorn. People born under this sign are known as hardworkers and are responsible AF. They are also known to be really good friends to others but are very selective with the people they confide with. Many of her followers would think that Ashley looks way younger than she really is, but she just recently turned 22 in 2021! Check out her birthday vlog here:


Ashley is into budget-friendly fashion.

One of the defining characteristics of Ashley’s YouTube channel is her penchant for student budget-friendly fashion choices. One of the most popular types of content she makes is a series of thrift flip videos. You will also catch her recreating iconic celebrity looks using items she scored at an ukay-ukay store.

Ashley is a self-confessed shy girl.

Before starting a YouTube channel, Ashley ran a blog--yes, the one with words instead of videos. This was because she used to feel really shy about speaking in front of a crowd, let alone a bunch of strangers online. But Ashley has been consistently making the effort to get more comfortable with speaking in front of people (or the camera, at least). “Over time, I exposed myself through different experiences especially when I was in high school like engaging myself in organizations, acting for our school’s drama play, hosting in front of thousands of people and joining our school’s radio broadcast team,” she shared in an old interview with Candy.

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Ashley started out as a content creator with no equipment of her own.

Like many aspiring creatives and content creators, Ashley started out with barely the right set of tools to get her creative aspirations rolling. The first ever camera she used for vlogging was her family's DSLR camera with no flip screen and a faulty auto-focus feature. 

But with enough hustle and discipline over the money she earns, Ashley was able to save up for her own set of gadgets, including the laptop she uses for editing and a fully functional camera.

Ashley is currently a college student at UP.

While she is a certified Iska, Ashley was also a Growling Tiger during senior high school. Back then, she--like many other teens--had to decide between pursuing a practical career and or giving in to her passions. She discusses the struggles of of making tough decisions at a young age in a vlog with her boyfriend here:


Ashley started out as a model.

Ashley has worked hard to get to where she is right now as a content creator. And while she's thankful for her parents' hard work to give her and her siblings a good life, Ashley has to put in the effort if she wants to attain something for herself. Back when she was just starting, Ashley had to take on sidelines as a commercial model to be able to afford the equipment she wants for her YouTube career. "I saved up for my laptop through hustling and auditioning for commercials and ads," she says in an old interview.

Ashley has a close bond with her family.

And they are very supportive of her YouTube career, too! You'll spot her siblings, her parents, and even her cute niece Mori in a couple of vlogs. Ashley has two older brothers, Angelo and Austin, and one older sister, Aubrey. She is half-sisters with actress Jennica Garcia, through her father, former actor Jigo Garcia.



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