Architect Oliver Austria Says This Video Is the 'Turning Point' of His YouTube Career

"'Di ko akalaing magkakaroon ng gano'ng karaming views 'yun actually," he shares.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 7, 2021
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If you are up for some wholesome content or an aspiring architect looking for educational videos to watch, you're probably one of the 2.13 million subscribers of YouTuber and architect Oliver Austria. But did you know that he once had an audience of around 50 subscribers for an entire year before he made it big?

In an episode of the skypodcast by Kryz Uy and Slater Young, the architect opened up about his humble beginnings as a YouTuber. Back when he was just starting out, Oliver had less than 100 subscribers waiting for his content, until one video of his surprisingly caught the attention of viewers and hit millions of views in days. Oliver shares that this video--the reaction video he did on the late Lloyd Cadena's house--was the "turning point" of his YouTube career. "'Di ko akalaing magkakaroon ng gano'ng karaming views 'yun actually," Oliver tells Slater and Kryz. He thought it would, at most, hit 20,000 views. "The next morning, mayroon na siyang 200,000 views."  


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To date, this video remains his most viewed YouTube content, raking in a whooping seven million views--and counting. His other popular content includes his reaction videos to the houses of Kathryn Bernardo, fellow YouTuber Cong, and Loisa Andalio.  

The YouTuber has since been known for uploading reaction videos to the houses of local celebrities and social media personalities. Aside from learning about what an actual architect thinks of these celebrity homes, Oliver's additional architecture fun facts and trivia leave viewers with new things to learn in every video.


There's more to his channel than reaction videos; he also has other types of content, too. There are videos of him sharing his designs and enacting creative skits. According to him, these other types of videos are the fulfillment of his need for creative expression outside of the content he became known for. "'Yun yung mga times na gumagawa ako ng very random video lang na walang connection sa reaction, and after making that, parang medyo na-fulfill ko na or na-satisfy ko na yung need to express myself creatively," he says.

You can catch his appearance on the skypodcast here.


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