6 Times Angelina Cruz and Esnyr Ranollo Were BFF Goals

We love their friendship!
by Cheska Santiago   |  Jun 9, 2022
Image: Instagram/esnyrrr
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Of all the unexpected friendships made last year, none is as cute as Angelina Cruz and Esnyr Ranollo’s bond. The two really *bonded* last 2021 during their lock-in taping for Love is Color Blind, where they played Iris and Andrei, respectively. In fact, they even formed a super cute friend group with their fellow cast members Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan, and Jeremiah Lisbo, and dubbed themselves the 5ever Squad.

Even long after their taping ended and the release of the movie, the two remained BFFs—you can often see them hanging out, going on dinner dates, and doing other fun activities. We’re so here for their friendship, TBH!

Ahead, we list down six times Angelina and Esnyr were total BFF goals:

1. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Angelina and Esnyr revealed their first impressions of each other. Esnyr thought that Angelina was “maarte,” though that would eventually change as he got to know her and spend more time with her. On the other hand, Angelina perceived him to be “ma-chika” or a “Marites” in a funny way.


2. Like any other best friends, Angelina and Esnyr’s love language is chika, LOL! Angelina even joked that it was because of him that she became a “Marites” as well. In the screenshot of their convo below, she can be seen asking him for some ~beef~. Angelina also replied to his tweet, saying that it was thanks to him that she was like that now, haha!

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3. For Valentine’s Day earlier this year, the two hung out and had a Galentine’s date together. They went bowling and then had a nice dinner to cap off the night. Before they went to their dinner, Esnyr *surprised* Angelina with a bouquet of blue roses. She was understandably shocked and revealed that she was supposed to bring the one she bought for him as well. We’re so here for friends buying each other flowers!

4. TBH, are you even best friends if you haven’t *pranked* each other yet? Esnyr once pranked Angelina as he was live on Kumu and told her he was running out of money with all the expenses he had to pay. He asked if she could lend him 15,000 pesos before revealing that it was just a joke. Even though it was a prank, it was clear in Angelina’s tone that she was worried for him and that she was ready to let him borrow money if needed. Sweet!

@aimfordonbelle_ Reply to @tutooch2002 here po!! sorry nalate || prank calling ate Angelina || ang genuine talaga ng friendships nilaa || #licb #4u ? original sound - miaaaa || donbelle ???? - M || donbelle ????

As for Angelina, she actually gave him a ~reverse~ card when Esnyr tried pranking her via Instagram DMs, only for her to turn the joke back on him, LOL!


Na-reverse card ako dun ah

? original sound - esnyrdump - esnyrDUMP

5. The two would also frequently ~*roast*~ each other on Twitter as a way of showing their love for one another. Just check out some of their tweets below!


6. Given Esnyr’s background on TikTok, it’s no surprise that he has gotten Angelina to star in a few with him. The two would often recreate viral videos or use trending sounds, much to the delight of their supporters!

@esnyrdump my queen @angelinaisabele ? original sound - Stephanie Mendoza

@esnyrrr May bagong kaklase sa section rizal @angelinaisabele ? original sound - ALYSSA MCKAY


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