Andrea Brillantes Opens Up About Living With Insomnia and Anxiety Due to Working at a Young Age

by The Candy Staff   |  Oct 12, 2021
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On the outside, teen star Andrea Brillantes may look bubbly and cheerful, but just like the rest of us, the young actress has her fair share of struggles that not many may know of. In an interview with Boy Abunda on The Boy Abunda Talk Channel, Andrea opened up about testing positive for COVID-19, as well as her experience with insomnia and anxiety.

The 18-year-old actress was in quarantine due to COVID-19 during the interview, but shared that she is asymptomatic. Andrea also revealed that she's been struggling with insomnia, and that part of it is because she started working in the showbiz industry at a young age. "Insomnia, I believe, nagsimula siya kasi maaga po akong nagtrabaho. So maaga po na-ano yung body clock ko. And kasi, lagi po akong binabangunot and lagi akong nagkakaroon ng sleep paralysis so nagkaroon ako ng fear na matulog," the 18-year-old actress explained. She also shared to Boy Abunda that she's seen a therapist to help her better understand and overcome what she's experiencing. 


Despite being alone for the first time in her life because of quarantine, Andrea is finding ways to cope--through reading books in the morning and praying, for instance. Another silver lining of her isolation is having some time for herself to practice mindfulness and recalibrate her thoughts, which, she shares, has been helping with anxiety. She shared, "Ngayon ko lang din nagawa yung parang 'treatment' sa sarili ko, 'pag 'di ako makatulog, lagi ko lang iniisip na, 'No one's gonna hurt you, Blythe.' Kasi ako lang naman yung nagiisip na may mananakit sa akin e."

Aside from her insomnia and anxiety, the actress also clarified a misunderstanding regarding a quote she said in an interview on The Gold Squad's channel, pertaining to how she feels about new stars gaining projects and popularity "in a snap"—which she clarified was a mindset she had back when she was younger.

Watch the interview here:


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