Andrea Brillantes Explains Why She Looked *Irritated* in a Selfie with Delivery Guy in Viral TikTok Video

by Cheska Santiago   |  Apr 19, 2022
Image: Instagram/blythe
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ICYMI, Andrea Brillantes went viral recently for a TikTok video that a clothing company uploaded where she was seen receiving a delivery from them. In the short video, the 19-year-old actress looked noticeably irritated as she got the package from the delivery guy.

@freemanclothing thank u so much ms @blythe for recieving tom and jerry ???? #freemanclo #blythe #fyp? ? original sound - ???

This did not go unnoticed by netizens, who commented that she looked angry or irritable in the video. 


One netizen commented, "AHAHAHAHA parang masama loob," to which Andrea replied with a video to *explain* her side.

@blythe Reply to @danieleyebol gow awayin nyo pa ko.pake ko? Leni padin. #fyp ? original sound  - Andrea Brillantes

The young actress confirmed that she was irritated during the interaction, due to the delivery man insisting that they take a picture without a face mask. "To be honest, yes. Actually, medyo bad trip ako niyan," she revealed.

"Una, ang kulit kasi ni Kuya na, 'Pwede po ba na walang mask, walang mask?' Sabi ko, 'Bawal po, bawal po talaga," she continued.

"Nag-picture siya tapos umulit uli siya. Tapos sabi ko, 'Kuya, bawal po talaga kasi, duh, 'asa pandemic pa tayo at ang dami ko pa hong work na nakasalalay na hindi ako pwedeng mag-positive."

“So, sabi ko kay Kuya na, 'Kuya, bawal po talaga or else papasok na rin talaga ako,' since late naman na ako sa training ko, eh."

She also said that she was not in a good mood since the delivery man kept asking her about the clothes. "Tapos paulit-ulit akong tinatanong tungkol sa damit, tapos kinukulit ulit ako sa damit. Sabi ko, 'Hindi ko po pwede i-post 'yan kasi ho, H&M ako,'" she explained.

What irritated her even further is when the delivery man kept asking for a picture and requesting to do the "two joints" pose. ICYDK, it's a hand gesture for an illegal substance. It's been made popular by presidential candidate and Manila mayor Isko Moreno, who explained that it's only a sign of his tandem with running mate, Dr. Willie Ong.

Tapos, ito na talaga, kaya mukha akong bad trip diyan kasi bad trip nga talaga ako. Si Kuya na kanina pa nangungulit sa mask biglang sabi, 'Dali, picture tayo two joints, two joints.'

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"Sabi ko, 'Hindi, Leni [Robredo] ako.'"

"Walk out ako, masama ba? Ha?"

The clothing company later clarified in a pinned comment on the original video that Andrea wasn't mad and that she *did* say thank you after receiving the package.

"Hindi po sya galit, may mga tao po na nag ask if pede nya tanggalin mask and since we’re still [in a] pandemic, she said no and yes po she said thank you,” they wrote.

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