A Walk to Remember Reunion Might Be Happening Soon

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 15, 2016
Image: Mandy Moore | instagram.com/mandymooremm
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It has been more than a decade since the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's bestselling novel, A Walk to Remember, hit the big screen. Since then, we've been rewatching the movie as often as we can because Landon and Jamie's love story just doesn't seem to get old.

From the 2002 hit came one of our favorite onscreen OTPs—Mandy Moore and Shane West who played the lead roles in the movie. It doesn't even help that these two remain to be close friends IRL and have been in touching social media interactions in the past.

There was this #TBT post from Mandy, a photo taken during their wedding day in the film. 


So when we read about Mandy's revelation that there might be an AWTR reunion in the future, we just couldn't contain our excitement! In an interview with People, the actress revealed that she's still in touch with her co-star and they've been talking about hanging soon. (via TeenVogue.com)

"I just reached out to Shane. We hadn't talked in years. So he and I were going back and forth, and I was telling him about [This Is Us] and he was telling me about his show. We're going to try and get together one of these days," she said in the interview. 

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Z O M G! And she assures us that there will be photos, of course. "I feel like we should get together with as much of the cast [that] is around and see if we can finagle a social media picture or something like that," Mandy continued. "I think it'd be fun."

We can't wait, Mandy! A Walk to Remember foreva!

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