8 Things to Know About YouTuber Alliana Dolina

She's a Med Tech major!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 23, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/allianadolina
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If watching vlogs on YouTube is your favorite way to de-stress, then you'd probably be familiar with Pinay YouTuber Alliana Dolina. With a following of almost 340,000 on the platform, Alliana is one of the local content creators to watch for, especially by fellow students like her.  

If you're interested in learning more about the young content creator, here are a few things we learned about Alliana through her vlogs:

1. Alliana was born on March 25, 1999.

Alliana's full name is Alliana Lalu Dolina and she is 22 years old as of writing. Her birthday is on March 25, which makes her zodiac sign an Aries!

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2. Alliana is a beach person.

Alliana loves going to the beach (you can tell if you scroll through her Instagram!), and one of her dream destinations is Hawaii. You'll also see a lot of beach vlogs on her YouTube channel at popular beach spots in the country, like Boracay, Batangas, and La Union.

3. Alliana is a sneakerhead.

You'll often spot her in the coolest pair when you scroll through her Instagram account. You'll also see her cop new ones in some of her vlogs. When it comes to the popular Air Jordan series of Nike, the favorite pair that she owns would be the first pair she ever copped which had green accents on it.


4. Alliana is a Med Tech major.

Alliana is taking up Medical Technology at University of Santo Tomas. Her favorite subject during her first year as a Med Tech student is Anaphy. From the beginning, Alliana has always been open about her desire to be a doctor and a huge part of it is because of Grey's Anatomy. She also shared in a Q&A that back in high school, she asked for three signs to help her decide if taking the pre-med track is for her, and she actually received the signs she asked for! 

Now that she's in college though, Alliana isn't super sure if she still wants to pursue medicine (Tbh, this change of heart is a common experience in college). But she does see herself pushing through with her YouTube career, especially since she's doing so well with it at the moment!

5. Alliana used to be insecure because of acne.

Alliana has always been vocal about her acne journey on her YouTube channel. Whenever she gets asked for tips on how to get rid of acne, Alliana is always honest in saying that she doesn't really have it all figured out yet.


Even though she knows that acne is a part of life, especially since hers is mostly caused by hormones, she also actively finds ways to deal with acne in a way that would also boost her confidence. On insecurities, Alliana shares, "Mahirap 'yun e kasi kalaban mo sarili mo. Kaya kailangan mong i-trust yung sarili mo, kailangan mong i-build yung confidence na 'yun para ma-get over mo yung insecurity na 'yon."

6. Alliana is dating former UST basketball star CJ Cansino.

Alliana and CJ met when they were in senior high school. Because they were schoolmates, CJ would see Alliana in the school hallways, but at that time, he didn't know her name yet so he had to scour social media to find out who she is. After successfully finding her socials, CJ added Alliana and even made a dummy account on Twitter to contact her anonymously as a secret admirer. This quarantine, they stay in touch by FaceTiming and playing Call of Duty together. How cute! 


7. Alliana's first tattoo is a friendship tattoo.

During a recent trip to Boracay, she got a minimalist wave ink on her foot with two of her friends. It was her first ever tattoo, too! You can check out her Boracay vlog to find out how her first tattoo experience went:


8. Alliana loves playing Call of Duty: Mobile.

Alliana is a huge fan of the mobile version of the popular first person shooter game. She would often play with her friends and even with CJ. Her go-to weapon is the Man-O-War and the Locus.

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