All the Reasons Why We're Still Shipping Sandara Park and G-Dragon

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by Mira Blancada   |  Jan 15, 2017
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It has just been days since the dating rumors about BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Sandara Park came out... only to be shut down by their management, YG Entertainment, stating that the two were just joking around on the said video.

But fans of this ship, DaraGon, are still gushing about them and hoping that these two will soon date. Or are secretly dating. *winks* Well, how can we blame them? Dara and G-Dragon are so shippable! So if you're curious why almost everyone are spazzing about these two, here are all the reasons why we ship these two artists!

  1. They have been friends for a while.

Dara and GD had been close friends even before 2NE1 and BIGBANG debuted in South Korea. In March 2005, Dara went to South Korea to train under YG Entertainment and at that time GD was also a trainee.

Dara once shared in South Korean talk show, Strong Hearts, that she hangs out with GD and Se7en by going to karaoke when they were still trainees. She also revealed that he once saved her from a game where she was supposed to eat a chili pepper; GD said he'll do it for her if she performs "In or Out". She obliged, of course. So sweet!

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  1. They both look so young despite their age!

We already accepted the fact that Dara is a vampire, looking 10 years younger than her real age, but it looks like she's not the only one who knows where the fountain of youth is! Imagine what their children would look like with their genes together! 

  1. GD loves teasing Dara. ♥

As the saying goes, "You're not friends if you can't tease each other." GD and Dara prove that they are good friends, teasing each other on social media, like when Dara shared a picture with Snoop Dogg and he commented about her "nervous" pose. Also, in person, when GD found out he was her ideal type, Dara said he kept teasing her every time they saw each other. Ugh, so kilig!

  1. They share clothes with each other.

We may sound like we're exaggerating but we're definitely not! The picture above is not even close to all those times fans caught these two wearing the same thing on different occasions. There's a trend in South Korea where couples wear matching outfits instead of PDA to show that they're dating. Well, YG family is known for sharing clothes with each other but G-Dragon and Dara did this way too much! 

  1. They are each other's look-alike. 

According to JR Thorpe, "Science has claimed that the longer you're with your partner, the more you resemble each other." Well, we're not declaring that Dara and GD are indeed a couple but a shipper could hope!

  1. When they perform together, it's ~*magical*~.

Admit it, our shipper feels were all over the place when GD released his single "Hello" featuring Dara on his first solo album Heartbreaker. Plus, their live performances for this song is too undeniably cute! And when Dara surprised GD during his "Crayon" performance at SBS Gayo Daejun, we can't help but die of too much~*feels*~!

  1. They have oozing chemistry!

Despite their age difference and different personalities, we can't deny that they look sooo cute together! Whether they're just standing beside each other or are sharing secret glances at every YG family concert, we get butterflies in our stomachs. That's how strong their chemistry is!


Can they just date already to make the world a better place?

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