'All The Bright Places' Author Looking at Cole Sprouse, Asa Butterfield as Lead

by Mara Agner   |  Apr 26, 2017
Image: Cole Sprouse | instagram.com/colesprouse, Asa Butterfield | STX Entertainment
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If you've read All the Bright Places and became a fan right after, you know there's going to be a movie about it, with the script written by none other than the author of the book, Jennifer Niven.

In our interview with her last year (thanks to National Book Store), Jennifer mentioned that she is excited about Elle Fanning playing the role of Violet, the love interest of Theodore Finch, in the film. As for Finch, she explained why they haven't decided on one yet.

"We haven't decided on the Finch yet. One reason that we don't have a Finch yet is because we want to pick someone who is age appropriate... These guys between the ages of, say, eighteen and twenty one, they can just sometimes turn in to a man overnight. The director has been very like, "Let's just choose 'em about two months ahead of time and keep talking to them. We'll narrow our list then and bring them in to read with Elle for a chemistry test."

Fast forward to April 18 of this year when Jennifer posted about the possibility of casting Cole Sprouse as Finch, saying, "As part of #MovieMondays I'm going to at long last share my list of possible Finches with you and ask for your votes. These are important!!!!! FINCH HASN'T BEEN CAST YET and I need your help! First up, in no particular order, the amazing @colesprouse.

As if Cole wasn't Theodore Finch enough, she posted the following Monday about yet another possible Finch: Asa Butterfield! "It's #MovieMonday which means it's time to reveal another actor on the Theodore Finch list! Presenting the amazing Asa Butterfield! Tall: check Black hair: check Blue eyes: check Plenty of talent: check."


TBH, we're so confused because they're both perfect for the role! Now we'll have to wait until next Monday to see who her third choice is! If you know of any actor perfect for the role, feel free to post their pics on your socials and explain why you think they're perfect, using the hashtag #FindFinch.

Who's your choice for Theodore Finch?

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