All Our Favorite Episodes, Moments, and Storylines on TV This Year

All the awards to these TV shows!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Dec 29, 2016
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  1. Best Love Triangle: Till I Met You

Iris, Basti, and Ali's love triangle days feel like a lifetime ago, but we'll always remember how fresh and extraordinary it felt at the time. There was literally nothing like it on Philippine TV. The way it was handled, how their characters grew, and how they remained friends after everything was very tasteful and believable. 

  1. Best Sibling Rivalry: Encantadia

Just when you think there's nowhere for Encantadia to go, it comes up with fresh new conflicts. The ever-changing rivalry (and alliances) among sisters Amihan, Danaya, Pirena, and Alena is one of the interesting core facets of the show that keeps viewers hooked.

  1. Best Comeback: Scream Queens

Specifically, Scream Queens' Taylor Lautner. Having Jacob Black on board meant seeing his beautiful face again on the reg and laughing at Twilight inside jokes and references.

  1. Be(a)st Season Premiere: The Walking Dead

The season seven premiere was arguably the goriest, bloodiest, most sickening episode in The Walking Dead history. We can’t think of it without flinching at the memory of Neegan gleefully murdering Glenn and Abraham. There was a line, and the show crossed that line, leaving a lot of fans to swear off it—a promise they didn’t break judging by the sharply declining ratings. The show has always bounced back, but it still makes us wonder: have we gone past peak Walking Dead?

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  1. Most Heartwarming Plot Twist: This Is Us

On to happier matters: This Is Us has quickly become our new favorite family drama. With every episode, we find out more about the history and dynamics of the Pearson family, which are Rebecca and Jack and their "Big Three" kids, Kate, Kevin, and Randall. The first episode where it was revealed that we are actually watching two timelines, the parents' in 1979 and the kids' in present day, deserves a spot in the Plot Twist Hall of Fame. (Sorry if we spoiled you! But come on, you really have to start watching.) 

  1. Best Use of Christmas Lights: Stranger Things

Thank you, Stranger Things, for the gift that is Joyce Byers speaking to her son who's stuck in another dimension through Christmas lights. Definitely made Christmas more interesting—every time we saw twinkling lights, we thought to ourselves (or shouted whenever socially acceptable), "Wiiiill? Is that you? Where are you???"


  1. Best New World: Westworld

Based on the 1973 film, Westworld captured our attention with its intriguing storyline about a Western-themed amusement park where the wealthy could do whatever they wanted with androids or “hosts” at their service. The layers of lies and deceit within and outside the park only add to the fun.

  1. Best Reunion: Game of Thrones

Good things don't always happen to the Stark kids, so when they finally do, the whole world rejoices—just watch the reaction compilation above! Jon and Sansa, both just having come back from the dead in their own ways, finally reunited this season for the most epic of hugs.

  1. Best Party: iZombie

For its season finale, iZombie threw one heck of a zombie rager. Clive joined Team Zombie, Rita feasted on her dad’s brain, Liv found out there are organized zombies building a new world. And Rob Thomas, the singer who shares the same name as the showrunner, also played himself! So meta.


  1. Best DTR: Descendants of the Sun

Between their cute hide and seek game and all the life-threatening crises they survived, it took a while for Si Jin and Mo Yeon to define their relationship. We died when Mo Yeon finally admitted her feelings for Si Jin on their way home on the back of a truck, as the sun set and the truck driver probably tried to give them some privacy. Heehee!

What are your favorite TV moments of 2016?

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