All Hail, Leighton Meester!

The queen bee arrives in Manila and her winning personality makes us worship her even more.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 28, 2012
photo courtesy of Penshoppe
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Fans know Leighton as the ultimate It Girl on TV, but in person, she’s even more charismatic. To an intimate interview with the press the past weekend, she came wearing a simple top, summer shorts, and heels, with a big smile on her face and a warm hello to everyone in the room.

She's not jetlagged despite the long flight to Manila, she says, and we believe her. She’s all dewy skin and bright peepers, like she’s totally at home here—which she is. "I'm originally from Florida so I like warm weather. I like it here. It reminds me of Florida."

The new face of Penshoppe says the brand's aesthetics is in sync with her personal style: casual but still fashionable. Her views on fashion make her even more of a winner. "Fashion should be fun. It's not life or death. You shouldn't be a slave to your own clothes," she says. "It's not about the price tag or wearing what everyone else is wearing."

As a TV and movie star, she says each role has been a dream for her. But the queen bee is ready to grow beyond the small screen. This week, in fact, she’s launching a five-city US tour with the band Check in the Dark. "We've been rehearsing and it's wonderful... We might release our project independently."

Leighton has also recently worked with comedy legend Adam Sandler in the movie That’s My Boy. "Working with him is as fun as you can imagine. He did stand-up every morning on set. He's my hero."

As for her future projects? "I'm attracted to scripts I can relate to, scripts with strong female characters." Strong female characters for a multi-talented lady—sounds like the perfect fit.

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