Aliens in the Attic

We count down our top LOL moments while watching Aliens in the Attic.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Aug 18, 2009
photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox
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  1. Pause, play, rewind. Don't you wish you had a button to control your life? This is close enough. Watch Ricky (Robert Hoffman) and Nana (Doris Roberts) get controlled just like in video games. We absolutely loved it when the twins Art and Lee (played by Henri and Regan Young) took turns with the controller depending on their video game "specialty." We also laughed out loud when Bethany (Ashley Tisdale) confronts Ricky in the kitchen (get a big laugh when you see his face!).
  2. "I'm pretending it's pretend. I mean... it is pretend!" The adorable Hannah (Ashley Boettcher) made us laugh in every scene she was in. She was the cutest!
  3. Aliens trying to be humans. From their "We come in pieces." to watching Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas lock lips on TV, the aliens (despite their icky-looking appearance) managed to be hilarious, too.
  4. The Pearsons getting into full battle mode. With Tom (Carter Jenkins) the Mathlete's smarts, Jake's (Austin Butler) paintball gun, and Spark's technical skills, they come up with a potato firing machine that help them battle the aliens. Keep yourself from giggling when they attack as if they were in a video game.
  5. The end, or is it? Don't be in a hurry to get out of the cinema after the aliens fly off. Robert Hoffman does what he does best—dance and goof off at the same time. So stay for the first few seconds of the credits if you want to get a good laugh before heading out.

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