Alexa Ilacad on the Hardest Part of Shooting '4 Sisters' and How She De-stresses from Work

Here's what we learned while de-stressing with Alexa Ilacad.
by Ysabel Y. Yuzon   |  Dec 15, 2020
Image: Dailymotion/Candy Mag
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Alexa Ilacad has been a mainstay in the local showbiz scene since her Goin' Bulilit stint. But growing up in front of the camera definitely didn't stop Alexa from maturing and evolving as an artist, and in other aspects of her life.

In the Cande-stress with Alexa Ilacad episode below, we got to ask the Four Sisters Before the Wedding actress about their her many firsts: first audition, major role, debut album, lock-in taping, and more. Check it out:

Facts we learned about Alexa Ilacad

The highlight of her 2020 was shooting the prequel, Four Sisters Before the Wedding.

According to Alexa, co-starring with Charlie Dizon, Belle Mariano, and Gillian Vicencio for Four Sisters Before the Wedding was a memorable experience for her.

"That month shooting with them was my favorite part about 2020.

"You know being locked in, you have no choice but to be friends with the people you're with... but shooting that movie, it was just so fun. Sometimes we'd forget that we're working; they just made the whole experience something I will never forget."


"The hardest part was going our separate ways, yun yung iniyakan namin nang sobra," Alex said.

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Music is her number one passion.

Despite being known as an actress first, Alexa admits music is her first love and number one passion. "Music has always been with me. I've always wanted to release music since I love being on that platform and on that stage, just performing..." 

Alexa released her debut album, To the Moon and Back, when she was only 16 years old. It took four years before releasing her next single, "Love at First Sight," which is a huge departure from her previous album.

"As music is always evolving, I think I will, too."

She also says she loves curating playlists because she loves how music always surprises her.

"Even before I started in show business, I would always take musical theater classes and voice lessons... ever since I've been really interested in the arts and in singing.

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"I just love to sing anywhere... I'm the worst person to be with during karaoke, because I never give back the mic," she jokes.

She's super close to her mom.

Alexa revealed that she sleeps next to her mom, which is also why lock-in tapings were a huge adjustment for her in the beginning.

Her mom was also the person who accompanied her to all her auditions, and signed her up for voice and acting classes.

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Alexa loves animals.

Playing with her pets is her number one way to really de-stress. She's a furmom to both a cat and a dog!

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Alexa plays video games to de-stress.

Animal Crossing and other games like Mario Kart, help Alexa de-stress.

Fun fact: She plays Overcooked with her mom!

School is still one of her top priorities.

Currently, Alexa is a third year student at Treston International College taking up Marketing Management. Despite her busy schedule, she's been on the Dean's list twice (something she accomplished while taping The Killer Bride.)

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"I was so determined and so focused to have the best grades," Alexa recalled. "And to prove everyone who thought I was just another actress, I am not smart, blah blah blah. That was something that inspired me to do better in school."

But, she also knows that she needs to take it easy from time to time, and acknowledges that she can also become really chill about it. "Too chill," she joked.

Alexa had her first-ever audition at two years old.

It was a VTR for a commercial, and yes, she got the job. Later on, when she decided to pursue showbiz, her first audition was for Goin' Bulilit!

"I remember it so vividly... my mom and I in a bathrobe, kaka-shower lang. And then she got a text... She was like, 'Pinapabalik ka sa ABS. They want you to go back, they want to see you again for Goin' Bulilit...' My eight-year old self was so happy."


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