7 Times Alexa Ilacad Advocated for Body Positivity and Inspired Us to Love Ourselves

by Leika Golez   |  Sep 14, 2022
Image: Instagram/alexailacad
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Getting pushed into the spotlight at an early age is tough for many young stars, including Alexa Ilacad. Throughout her 15-year career in showbiz, she has and continues to deal with countless body-shaming instances and numerous rude bashers. Now 22, she's already learned to stay resilient in the face of harsh criticism—but she also knows how difficult it is to stay strong against naysayers. That's exactly why she never hesitates to advocate for body positivity and empower fellow women to love themselves unconditionally. 

Ahead, read about seven times Alexa Ilacad inspired us to promote body positivity and self-love: 

1. ICYDK, Alexa has actually been vocal about body positivity for the longest time. When she was only a teen, she filmed a YouTube vlog to give fellow adolescents advice on how to handle bullies who fat-shame you. “Body-shaming in guys and girls, hindi ‘yan dapat. Nakikita mo ang isang tao na masaya naman sila, ba’t mo naman sisirain ‘yun?” she said. “Ito 'yung katawan na binigay sa’kin ni Lord. Imbes na gawin ko ‘yung mga gusto niyong ipagawa sa’kin, gagawin ko kung ano ‘yung gusto ko. If you’re happy with the way you are, that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.” We couldn’t have said it better, Alexa! 

2. In 2021, Alexa started the conversation on eating disorders when she got diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder. Earlier this year, she opened up about her mental health further and admitted that she also struggled with bulimia in an attempt to conform to conventional beauty standards. “I was never really a petite, thin girl. And that was my main problem because no matter what I would do, no matter what diet, I had to accept and realize na no matter how hard I try, I don’t think I will ever be skinny,” she explained. Fortunately, Alexa began recovering after seeking professional help and taking mental health medications. 


3. Alexa is a pro at schooling online bashers. Just a few months back, she had the classiest response to a body-shamer who told her to lose weight. 

4. Alexa may seem like a strong girl who never gets insecure, but she has previously admitted that she still gets hurt when strangers criticize her body. Once, Alexa opened up about getting hurt by a body-shamer likening her body to a gas tank. We love how she’s not afraid to get candid with her fans! 

5. We still can’t forget about that time Alexa posted her first-ever bikini photo on Instagram. She even penned the most inspiring self-love caption! 

watch now


6. Alexa’s a lot more confident with her body these days, and this ~unapologetically daring~ photo is a testament to how much she’s grown. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s also been posting more swimsuit photos recently. We’re so proud of her! 


7. Alexa’s also very transparent about any procedures or enhancements that she’s gone through. She’s all for destigmatizing plastic surgery, plus she also openly revealed that she has undergone body-shaping treatments before. 

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