Alex Diaz on Entering His 20s and Realizing He's Bisexual

It happened when he was around 20 to 22 years old.
by Nikko Tuazon for   |  Nov 12, 2020
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Actor Alex Diaz first opened up about his sexuality in October 2019 when his "indecent proposal" issue to a fitness coach went viral on social media.

The 26-year-old Cornerstone talent said he just had to get it off his chest after struggling with his bisexuality for so long.

He said at the digital press conference of the upcoming boy love series Oh, Mando! on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, "I had several conversations with Cornerstone, my management, about, ‘Maybe, I should just come out because I’m not hiding.’

"Hindi naman kasi ako nagtatago sa mga kaibigan ko outside of showbiz.

"Sa totoo lang, sa fans lang naman ako nagtatago because sa Philippines, they always tell you like, ‘Kapag nag-out ka, tapos na ang career mo. Kapag nag-out ka, wala ka nang makukuhang project, mata-typecast ka as beki role.’"

Alex said he just wanted the world to know so that he could be himself, but his father Michael McDermott and his management team had advised against it.


He recalled, "The real confusion came when my management and my father were telling me not to, siyempre para protektahan ako.

"Pero the road to hell is paved with good intentions and, I think, with them trying to protect me, maraming naging mas malala na issue na pinagdaanan ko sa buhay ko.

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"To wrap it up, I think the most clear moment that I had in my life and my sexuality was getting it out because, now, it’s no longer about protecting this image na ginawa ko sa showbiz.

"It’s about showing everybody what I can do as an actor and the kinds of stories that I can tell."


Speaking candidly, Alex said he learned more about himself when he was in college and after joining showbiz.

The Filipino-Scottish actor told the press, "Nung high school ako, actually, wala pa akong karanasan or anything.

"Wala akong experience, hindi pa ako nag-e-experiment. It was really when I entered college and I think, I’ll be honest, ang hirap ng showbiz.


"Papasok ka, feeling mo, ‘May talento naman ako.’ ‘Tapos pagkatapos ng ilang audition, parang mafi-feel mo talaga, ‘What’s wrong with me?’

"It’s a crazy experience especially being like 18 years old to 25, as in, yun yung pinaka-transformative years para sa akin sa isang buhay.

"So it happened at around sometime when I was 20 to 22. I just started telling my friends like, ‘I think I don’t just like girls. I feel that I like guys, too.’"

He revealed it didn't surprise him to discover his bisexuality, but his friends couldn't believe it.

Alex said, "A lot of them were shocked... I wasn’t super shocked. I never really saw gender as a thing.

"Eventually, it was okay naman. It was chill naman."

He named Barbie Imperial, his co-star in Oh, Mando!, "Parang si Barbie, alam niya lahat sa buhay ko sa maiksing panahon na nagsama kami, naging close kami."


Barbie is also good friends with Alex's former girlfriend of four years, Chienna Filomeno.


Alex said it wasn't easy for him to come out, not because he wanted to hide his sexuality but for fear of being stigmatized in an industry that has historically looked askance at gay actors.

He explained, "Mahirap sa akin na magtago kung ano yung naramdaman ko sa loob.

"It was just really in showbiz kasi we’re really groomed to, you know, paint this picture para sa fans, paint this picture para sa audience.

"And what was really the struggle that I went through was kind of telling myself like, ‘Yeah, karapat-dapat ka namang mahalin bilang isang tao kung ano man ang impressions mo or anything like that.’

"And having that kind of clash with, ‘Kapag nag-out ka, masisira ang career mo. Wala na.’"

However, Alex said it was a relief to learn that his confession, in fact, opened more doors to him as an actor.


He continued, "When I was outed, the biggest feeling I felt was relief, like, ‘Ugh, finally!’

"Matapos man yung career ko, parang hindi na ako… I’m not holding my breath anymore.

"After 25 years, I’m not holding my breath, matapos man ang career ko, bumalik man ako sa Canada, wala na akong tinatago. It’s no longer about protecting my image."

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