6 Fast Facts You Need to Know About BGYO’s Akira Morishita

He's set to star in "Bola Bola" this March alongside Francine Diaz.
by Leika Golez   |  Mar 15, 2022
Image: Instagram/bgyo_akira
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Lately, Akira Morishita’s name has been generating a lot of buzz in the local entertainment scene. With his charming personality and boyish good looks, it’s undeniably easy to fall in love with the 20-year-old crooner. His future in showbiz certainly seems bright, especially now that he’s set to star in  iWantTFC’s Bola Bola alongside Francine Diaz, Ashton Salvador, and KD Estrada

If you’re looking for a new cutie to stan, we *highly suggest* considering Akira. To help you get to know him better, here are six fast facts about the budding star: 

1. Akira is half-Japanese. 

Although Akira was born in the Philippines on April 27, 2001, his parents used to work in Japan as musicians. Only having visited Japan once in the past, Akira primarily grew up in Bulacan with his three sisters and one brother. We’ve heard him speak Japanese in several interviews before, and he also claims to be a big fan of takoyaki, ramen, yakiniku, and other Japanese foods. 

2. Akira entered the industry as a child actor. 

To help support his family financially, Akira decided to set aside his childhood dream of joining the military or the airforce. Despite his parents’ musical background, he prioritized acting auditions for commercials because he wasn’t confident in his vocal ability at the time. As a child actor, he appeared in many television commercials for big local brands including Jollibee, Cherifer, and Royal. 


He initially told himself that he’d leave the industry as soon as his family became financially stable, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he was genuinely enjoying his work. He continued to grow his showbiz career throughout his teens, appearing in various award-winning Filipino indie films such as Sundalong Kanin, Kalel, 15, and Alienasyon. In 2015, he made his first television debut in All Of Me as the love interest of Barbie Imperial’s character. 

3. Akira is a member of BGYO. 

ICYDK, BGYO is a five-member P-pop group under ABS-CBN’s Star Music. While Akira never considered himself as a musician, he was invited to join the Star Hunt Academy in 2020 after a work colleague referred him to ABS-CBN Director Laurenti Dyogi. As a trainee, Akira experienced rigorous dancing and singing lessons for two years alongside his would-be bandmates. With little to no music training, Akira admitted that he struggled to keep up with the demands of BGYO’s pre-debut preparations at first. Fortunately, the members’ closeness to one another inspired him to face the learning curve head-on. 

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Nakakagulat yung vocal acrobatics na kaya nila. Yung sabay na mahasa yung sarili kong pag-awit habang inaaral ko na kumanta with a group habang nagsasayaw, nakakapanghina ng loob. Nakakababa rin ng self-confidence kasi hindi naman sa araw-araw may progress ako. Kaya sobrang laking tulong yung support system ng members ng grupo,” he shared in a previous interview

Now, Akira stands proud as the lead vocalist and main visual of BGYO. The group recently celebrated their first-ever anniversary in January, and we have no doubts that they’ll be serving even more fangirl-worthy content in the coming years.


4. Akira is a well-rounded musician. 

Singing and dancing prowess aside, Akira can also compose amazing songs. Akira has written “Fly Away” and “Kundiman” for BGYO, with the latter’s music video garnering more than half a million views on YouTube. And if that’s not impressive enough, Akira also knows how to rap, beatbox, and play the guitar! 

5. Akira is a star student. 

All the BGYO boys continued to pursue their academics amidst their growing showbiz careers. Akira’s currently studying BS Tourism in college—and he’s even a dean’s lister! While he keeps most of his school life private, he once shared that the only thing he can’t live without is his laptop because all his assignments are there. 

6. Akira has a wide range of hobbies. 

Akira likes to draw and paint, but he also dabbles in numerous sports like tennis, basketball, biking, and badminton. In fact, he was even a varsity basketball player in high school! Apart from that, he enjoys watching anime (his latest fave is Tanjiro from Demon Slayer) and videos about exotic animals in his free time. Additional trivia: The self-confessed animal lover is terrified of frogs but dreams of owning a pet snake someday. 



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