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Getting to know KC as a singer.
  |  Jun 7, 2008
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On juggling her different roles as an actress, VJ, and singer
We just make sure, that I get enough rest, personally, its not uncommon for artists here to do stuff together, it's really an expression of oneself. My goal to be here is to represent a human being, all these media, there's music, writing, and all that stuff.

On having her own album
This cover says it all.It was taken during my birthday when we were out of town at the beach. We were jamming before recording the album. Sammy Asuncion ng Pinikpikan arranged "Imagine." When this picture was taken, we were just jamming it and thought of including it in the album. It was a happy and great, personal thing for me. Parang lumilipad ako pagdating sa music. I rehearsed with a live band yesterday. Sarap talaga.

On choosing the songs for the album
Some of my favorite songs were included. Like, "Imagine," "Melt with You," a Modern English `80s song. Even some of Raimund Marasigan's songs, the ones that haven't been released yet, are included in the album. There's also a South African song that we found out was a hit. Joey de Leon did the translation of the song to Filipino..

On the recording process
It was an interesting two-month process. We wouldn't record everyday, but we'd do about two songs per day, twice or thrice a week. It was just me and the sound engineer in the studio. I get intimidated when there's a lot of people; I can't experiment with the music. Good thing the bosses liked what came out of it.

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aka Cassandra is out now in record bars under Sony BMG.

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