Atasha Muhlach Surprises Parents After Leaving for College and Their Reactions Were Priceless

Both Aga & Charlene share sweet messages for Atasha on Instagram.
by Ysa Singson for   |  Sep 8, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/itsmecharleneg
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Time goes by so fast! Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez dropped off their baby girl, Atasha Muhlach, at the airport as she's headed for in-person college classes in the UK. And just a few days ago, they said their ~temporary goodbyes~ to Andres, who's now a sophomore student in Spain. It's probably been a pretty emotional week for the two parents, but the tears kept coming 'cause Atasha had one more surprise for Aga and Charlene.

Atasha surprised her parents, Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez

When they got home from the airport, they entered their room and found a collection of photos of some of their family's best memz. The heartwarming surprise had a simple note: "To Mom + Dad. -Tash" You can hear Aga saying, "Ang sakit!" in the background and when the camera panned to Charlene, she was in tears.

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Aga wrote, "You got us both!!! 'Kaw talaga! We already miss you! Pls. don't worry about me and your mom. Enjoy your college and independence. Continue to be the person that you are. God is with you, ALWAYS! As much as it breaks my heart and your mom's that both you and Andres will be away for a a long time, pls. know in your hearts that we are the happiest for you both. Have fun!! Spread love and kindness! I love you very much my little princess and I will always miss you! Cheers to college life!!" Charlene reposted this video with a message of her own.

In a separate Instagram post, Charlene shared a precious throwback clip of Atasha singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and captioned it, "The way you will always look in Mama's eyes...@atashamuhlach_ Forever our babies... One of my favorite things was to ask you guys to sing & you would always be so kind enough to do so. This was a day when we went camping & even back then, at an early age, you were painting, drawing, & making art for us. Missing you. Love you very much, Ate."



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