This Mobile Game About Staying Home And Feeding Your Cat Is Everyone’s Latest Obsession

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 19, 2020
Image: Adorable Home/HyperBeard
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Waking up extra early to drag ourselves to school every single weekday is no fun. We’d much rather just stay home with our pets and put some Netflix on. Sadly, that can never be the case IRL, but the dream life still can happen to you—virtually, at least!

Enter everyone’s latest obsession: a mobile game called Adorable Home. In the game, you and your in-game partner (whose name and gender are customizable so you can name them after your real-life jowa, celebrity crush, or favorite fanfic ship) move to a new home with your cat named Snow (name not customizable). The cute and minimalist art style, which many have likened to the aesthetic of cat collecting mobile game Neko Atsume, will already lure you into diving deeper.


Basically, your partner goes to work while you get to stay home and do chores like preparing your partner’s bento box and feeding your cat. You also get to decorate your space by buying items using the love given by your cat and your partner. Yes, love is the currency in the game.


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According to the website of mobile game developer HyperBeard, Adorable Home is meant to be a “passive and relaxing experience.” You are not essentially required to waste away your actual time trying to earn as much “love” as you can in the game. You’ll only need to feed your cat every few hours and your partner will be gone for work for a couple of hours, too. When they get home, you basically hang out and spend quality time together before they leave again for work (just don’t forget to prepare the bento box, which you also get to customize with different kinds of food items).

Aside from your cat and your partner, unlocking the garden (for 3,000 hearts) opens up your home to more friendly creatures whom you can get some hearts from. You can also earn more hearts by watching 30-second ads if you’ve got the time to spare, which TBH, brings in more hearts than your partner ever does, LOL (but we still love and appreciate them). 


If you’re particularly a cat person, you’ll appreciate how the game captures your furry companion. In the game, you can stroke your cat, cut their nails, and shower them to earn some love. Sounds pretty mundane, but it's actually a LOT harder than you think.  

Sometimes, though, you might catch your virtual cat in a not-so-social mood, which means you’ve got no choice but to leave them alone for now. And yes, you get the chance to house more than one furry friend! Here's one player sharing her growing feline family:



Essentially, Adorable Home is that mobile game you'll play in between long study breaks to unwind and amuse yourselves with, but it won't eat up your time so you have no problem getting distracted from IRL responsibilities. The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android.

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