7 Best AC Bonifacio BLACKPINK Dance Covers That Will Motivate You to Dance

She never disappoints!
by Jonnie Anne Ngo   |  Nov 23, 2022
Image: INSTAGRAM/acbonifacio
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There’s no denying that AC Bonifacio is one of the dance machines of this generation! When she starts dancing, the beat of a song seems to sound more exciting and she makes us want to get up and dance, too! What we love the most are her dance covers that are full-blown productions–she goes all out, from the choreography to the videography and wardrobe! 

And just like us, she’s also a K-pop fan too! If you’re a BLINK, here are some dance cover videos of AC dancing to BLACKPINK’s songs!

Shut Down

With her sharp movements and attitude, she nailed this dance cover! AC has the ability to infuse her own style in covers while still recognizing the original. She’s definitely ready to shut you down with her moves.

Money - Lisa

It’s not easy to do a dance cover of Lisa’s song, but AC does it effortlessly! She nailed her impression of the main dancer—from the expressions, movements, right down to the attitude. We definitely got *goosebumps*! 


Pretty Savage

Wow! This song cover proves how versatile she is. There are four different versions of her sporting the outfits of each member, but this time they’re all together in one frame, and it looks so powerful. She can totally pass off as BLACKPINK’s 5th member!

Featured Video

Lovesick Girls

AC aced the choreography in all four looks! She showed off a bubbly side of her for this performance as she danced with full of energy.

How You Like That

We’re *speechless*! Every move was on point, and we couldn’t take our eyes off of her the entire time. ICYDK: AC won 2nd place in the YG Entertainment BLACKPINK cover contest with this performance, and it was a well-deserved win!

Kill This Love

This cover was on fire! Not only did her bangs and outfit look a lot like Lisa’s, but her stage presence was too!


Solo - Jennie

Wow, AC totally embodied Jennie’s vibe! From the styling of her ponytail and sparkly outfit, she could easily be mistaken for the K-pop singer’s twin. 

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