Effort! These Freshmen Faked A Twitter War Just To Stage A V-Day Surprise For Their Blockmates

Sana all.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 18, 2020
Image: TWITTER/juliavalencia_
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These days, ang hirap nang humanap ng taong mage-effort talaga para sa’yo. Just kidding! Hugot aside, this block from University of Santo Tomas will redefine what effort means. In a tweet, first year Communication student Julia Valencia explained on Twitter how the guys from her block staged a WHOLE social media war amongst themselves just so they could gather the ladies together and surprise them with flowers, chocolates, and personal handwritten letters—because handwritten notes just make you feel a certain type of way DMs could never make you feel.


In an online conversation with Julia, she explained how the guys executed their plan for the surprise. “Basically the weekend after Valentine’s Day, the guys in our class started subtweeting each other on social media,” Julia says. “The tweets also led to IG stories na may patama, which stirred more speculation that they were fighting.”

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“The girls were also privately messaging the guys they were close to in class, sending screenshots of the tweets, IG stories, and other chat [messages] because we thought it was all real HAHA, and the guys played along with it.” Now that the girls are convinced, their class vice president (one of the schemers!) called for a mandatory moring meeting to “discuss urgent matters.” Smooth!


Julia also shared how the class felt on the day of the meeting. “We thought we were going to witness him yell and rant for the next 30 minutes, but he actually started doing spoken poetry. The look on all our faces were a mix of (???) and (!!!) HAHA. They then played a video which turned out to be a vlog of them buying the roses, packing the chocolates, and writing us individual letters.”

When asked why the guys had planned the surprise, Julia explains, “The day before Valentine’s, one of our professors gave us chocolates. According to [one of my blockmates] Marius, the guy who initiated the surprise, he saw how genuinely happy and aliw the girls were when we received the chocolates, and that's where he got the idea of surprising us with the rest of the boys.”

TBH, that was the most thoughtful and most extra thing we’ve heard of this Valentine’s. Props to these students! Sana all talaga.


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