9 Sweet Things James Reid and Nadine Lustre Said About Each Other Even Before They Became Official

From best friends to lovers, we're looking back at some of the sweet things these two have said about each other.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 22, 2016
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It's been almost two days since James Reid and Nadine Lustre admitted that they're officially a couple, yet here we are, still at a loss for words whenever we see videos, photos, and memes of them on our Feeds. It feels weird, in a nice way, to see them being couple-y with each other since they've always maintained that they're just really close friends. Love really does move in mysterious ways. Here's a video of the very special announcement they did during the JaDine in Love concert at the Araneta Coliseum last Saturday. Also check out their hands!

Such a magical moment <3#JaDineInLove

Posted by Nadine Lustre on Saturday, 20 February 2016

In celebration of this love team's big transition from being best friends to lovers, we're looking back at some of the sweet things they've said about each other even a while back—back when they were still just friends, just onscreen partners. Have fun scrolling through this, Candy Girls, and happy love month indeed.

  1. On whether Nadine already loves James: "I'm not sure, but I like him... I think we both admire each other." (August 15, 2014 via PEP.ph)

  2. Nadine and James on all those issues linking him to other girls: "Well, she's my closest girl friend," James said about Nadine.

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    "Since we're a team nga, dapat solid. Solid kami. But then, I'm very confident na kaya niyang lagpasan yung mga challenges na dumarating sa kanya." (February 14, 2015 via PEP.ph)

  3. On being reel to real: "Mahirap. We might lose everything, the friendship, our careers, if it doesn't work out," Nadine explained.

    James agreed to this and said, "As long as we're working together every day, I can't picture us getting together. But when we're no longer working together? That's a different story." (on February 14, 2015 via PhilStar.com)

  4. James and Nadine on his surprises for her during last year's Valentine's Day: "I gave her a bunch of balloons and some things," James said. "And when we left ABS-CBN, we had this convertible and we're still using it later 'cause, I still have another surprise for her." (February 16, 2015 via PEP.ph)

  5. Nadine on being James's partner in crime: "Basta ako, I'm just looking after him.

    "Parang ako, sinusuportahan ko lang siya, being thoughtful, parang gano'n lang.

    "I have his back." (on February 16, 2015 via PEP.ph)

  6. James on when he's starstruck seeing Nadine: "Actually all the time. Every now and then when we have a show and she's dressed up and looks really good. Of course I take a second and think, 'Wow, she's very pretty.'" (on August 6, 2015 via Candymag.com)

  7. James on why he's protective of Nadine: "She's a big part of my career, of my life right now," he said. "I think I'm just used to the simple stuff." (on November 23, 2015 via ABS-CBN News)

  8. Nadine on falling in love with James for real: "Hindi naman zero ang chance. Kami, talagang hindi po muna namin iniisip," Nadine said. "May chance naman po. Huwag lang muna talaga.

    "I guess I have this unconditional love na din po for him, kasi nga, since we do everything together; he knows what I feel. I know what he feels. Tsaka parang he's important to me. Pero I take care of him din most of the time, kasi nga walang nag-aalaga sa kanya. And he's very carefree and careless until now. So parang kailangan may nagbabantay talaga sa kanya." (on January 2016 via Yes! Magazine's cover interview)

  9. James and Nadine on whether they're in love with each other already after they were spotted together on Valentine's Day: "We're really close," James said.

    Nadine agreed and said, "We're just really close." (February 17, 2016 via PEP.ph)

And look where their closeness got them. We love all the shy smiles and lingering looks at each other. Aww, we're incredibly happy for you, James and Nadine!

Proud BF si James san Ka pa chikkanessave

Posted by Viva Artists Agency on Saturday, 20 February 2016

How did you react when you found out James and Nadine are officially together already? Let's talk in the comments. :)

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