9 People You Can Binge-Watch Netflix Shows With

It's time to have some quality time with family and friends!
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 16, 2016
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Who says movie and TV show marathons are just for couples? Just because you're single or in a fight with bae doesn't mean you have to binge-watch TV shows or movies by yourself. We have some recommended shows on Netflix you could watch with every person in your life. You don't have to be taken just to have some quality time with someone while watching your favorite shows.

  1. Watch Sherlock with dad.

Dad will surely enjoy the intellectuall debates and the surprises the show gives. You and your dad may be hooked and you'll be watching this series non-stop!

  1. Watch Baby Daddy with mom.

The whole plot—guy with a baby—is enough to get you laughing with humor or aweing in cuteness! Your mom will relate to the main character as he enters the early stages of parenthood. And you get that mother-daughter bond as you laugh at all the guy's blunders in taking on responsibility.

  1. Watch Arrow with your brother.

Your brother may or may not be a DC fan, but we guarantee you that he'll enjoy this series and the same goes with you! Arrow isn't really gender biased as your brother can still watch all the fighting-action while you do all the shipping! #OTP!

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  1. Watch Girl Meets World with your kid sister.

Your sister will appreciate the lessons the show teaches as it is a most beloved coming of age kind of TV. It's not really a show for kids only; you might find that some lessons apply to you when you meet certain situations, too.

  1. Watch FRIENDS with your uncle or aunt.

Even if you or your aunt has watched friends before, you can totally bring that nostalgia back. And the humor of this show never grows old!

  1. Watch Minions with the kids.

If you ran out of stuff to do while baby-sitting your neighbor/uncle/family friend's kid, you could simply pull out Netflix and put on Minions. Most kids like it so you could just kick back and relax as they get distracted by the cute yellow things.

  1. Watch Forrest Gump with your grandparents.

Your grandparents will surely love all the historical references made in this film! It's also a movie where you won't get bored as it tackles different genres like romance, humor, and a feel good kind of movie, despite some of its drama.

  1. Watch Pretty Little Liars with your best friend.

With all the drama and a number of cute boys, this show is the perfect fit for all those sleepovers you have with your BFF!

  1. Watch Stranger Things with the whole fam!

Aren't you curious with Stranger Things' overnight success? The show targets all age groups from kids to adults! That's the beauty of this show!

Which of these shows are you going to watch first? Tell us in the comments!

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