9 Movies to Watch This May

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Apr 24, 2017
Image: @baywatchmovie
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  1. Baywatch (May 31)

We would've been happy just bae-watching (hello, shirtless Zac Efron; hello, cross-dressing Zac Efron), but the movie actually seems to be...funny? We can’t wait to watch these lifeguards solve ~the crime of the century~.

  1. Gifted (May 3)

Not all heroes wear capes: When he’s not saving the world from larger-than-life forces as Captain America, Chris Evans spends his days taking care of a precocious girl as Frank Adler in this family drama.

  1. Snatched (May 10)

One girl and her mom reconnect and go on a wild adventure—only to be "Liam-Neeson Taken!" This is definitely your Mother's Day go-to movie.

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  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (May 17)

Before you say, "Not another King Arthur movie!" you should know that this sleek adaptation breathes new life into the beloved story.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (May 17)

Dear Diary, I screwed up again. On national TV. I'm so grounded for the rest of my life.

  1. Alien: Covenant (May 17)

This couples retreat to the far side of the galaxy is the opposite of relaxing.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (May 24)

Kaya Scodelario as the new muse, Brenton Thwaites as the new kid, and a teenage Jack Sparrow—these are just a few reasons why you should catch the latest chapter of the saga.

  1. Ang Araw Sa Likod Mo (May 24)

Take a deep dive into the different shades of conflict in the country, and help those in need, too.  Majority of ticket proceeds will be donated to Help Educate and Rear Orphans (HERO) Foundation, Inc., which aims to provide educational support for the children of soldiers who were killed or incapacitated in the line of duty.

  1. Captain Underpants (May 31)

They say you should never meet your heroes because they most likely won't live up to your high expectations, but what if this hero is one you actually brought to life via hypnosis?

Which movie are you excited to see on the big screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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