8 Things That Make Nadine Lustre Happy

Plus, she shares a little something about boyf James Reid!
by Karen Terese Rojas   |  Jul 19, 2017
Image: Nadine Lustre | instagram.com/nadzlustre
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Last week, Sony invited us to the launch of its ILCE-5100L camera and to find out what's keeping Nadine Lustre happy these days. So we took the opportunity and asked Nadz exactly that. Here are eight of the things we found out that brings her joy. 

  1. Everything happening to her RN.

On what makes her happy right now: "Everything! No, really, everything."

  1. Crash Bandicoot.

On what made her a happy kid: "When I was little? Computer games. Depende, what era, what year? Oh! Crash Bandicoot."

  1. Going to the beach.

On her happiest childhood memory: "'Pag mag-b-beach kami ng family." 

  1. Having no worries. 

On the happiness quote she lives by: "'Hakuna Matata'."

  1. "IL2LU"

On the song that makes her feel happy: "Ang hirap ng songs! 'Yun, 'IL2LU'! [laughs and starts to sing]"

  1. It Follows.

On the movie that makes her smile: "It Follows. Ang reason ko is everyone gets scared, lahat sila sumisigaw, ako I'm just laughing at them for being scared. You know why I think it's funny? Because James never gets scared, but he got scared of that. He was screaming talaga."


  1. Squad. 

On keeping a positive and happy state of mind: "Have my friends around!"

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  1. Food. 

On staying happy despite the criticisms: "Food. I wouldn't say desserts but I don't know, kasi food makes me happy. Talagang it changes my mood, so kung ano yung nasa mood kong kainin...does that make sense?"

  1. Not thinking too much.

On her advice for staying happy: "Ako kasi what I did before, I stopped thinking about it and I kept telling myself na malalagpasan mo 'yan. Just don't stress yourself too much kasi kapag iniisip mo nang iniisip ma-s-stress ka eh. But then if you stop thinking about it for a while and then, okay, after a few minutes, okay ka na, you're okay na ulit. Tapos you think of a way to solve it."

What makes YOU happy? Can you relate with some of the things Nadz said?

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